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‘So don’t buy lotion from Victoria’s Secret, got it’: Victoria’s Secret worker shares lotion tip for other employees. It backfires

'That’s why I shop online.'


Grace Fowler


Posted on May 15, 2024   Updated on May 14, 2024, 4:44 pm CDT

A Victoria’s Secret worker shares a tip about the store’s lotion for other employees to follow. It backfires, and viewers say you should never buy lotion from Victoria’s Secret. 

The TikToker referred to as “The VS Guy” (@_thevsguy) has reached over 282,400 views and 12,00 likes on his video as of publication. He captioned his video, “BTS: In case you didn’t know.”

To start, VS Guy says his video is aimed toward employees of Victoria’s Secret or PINK. Then, he explains how customers tend to open and use lotion bottles that are not labeled as “a tester.” 

“This is how you close it back,” after use, he says.

VS Guy first opens the lotion bottle by unscrewing the pump cap. He then takes the attached dip tube completely out and pumps the lotion left in the tube back into the bottle.

Once you’ve completed this step, VS Guy says to twist the top of the pump down and to the side to “lock it in place.”

Lastly, VS Guy puts the dip tube back into the bottle and simply says, “Done,” before ending his video. 

@_thevsguy BTS: In case you didn’t know✨ #vsguy #thevsguy #foryou #cerritosmall #vspink ♬ original sound – The VS Guy

Viewers were not impressed by the tip

Viewers in the comments section say this is an unsanitary practice for selling lotion. “Not sanitary. You should be fired,” one says.

Another argues, “To know for a fact that a product has been opened and you put it back on the shelves to be sold is nasty and dangerous! A plastic seal around the top would protect the customer and the store.”

VS Guy responds in defense, “Customers just open them to smell they don’t actually use the pump, we have the testers for that.”

Another viewer says, “Oh so basically you say that we get half a** lotion. Cool.” VS Guy responds, ensuring customers, “No if it’s really used then we take it off the floor.”

VS Guy states a few more times in the comments section of his video, “You can always tell which ones are the new ones, if they are used we take them off the floor, customers just open them to smell.”

One viewer adds, “Do you know what needs to be done to smell something? You breathe in and out…automatically germs flow out!!! Just nasty!”

“Real tip of the day, don’t [buy] the lotions because you never know if they are used,” another says. “So you don’t know if you are getting your moneys worth.”

Another viewer agrees, writing, “so don’t buy lotion from Victoria secret, got it.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @_thevsguy and Victoria’s Secret via email.

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*First Published: May 15, 2024, 12:00 am CDT