woman shares hack for finding perfect size without trying on jeans


‘This is my number 1 thrifting hack’: Value Village shopper shows the right way to find your pants size without trying them on

‘This is GENIUS.’


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Thrifting has become a popular hobby for shoppers who love to bargain on classic or gently worn items. TikTok creator and actress Cory Lee (@coryleemusic) shares with her followers a thrifting tip for finding the perfect size of pants without trying them on in stores.

Cory Lee loves to show off her thrift hacks via TikTok, and in this particular clip, she shares how important it is to “go thrifting with a belt on” as she begins her thrifting journey at a local Toronto Value Village store.   

“I always go thrifting wearing a belt, it’s like a personal measuring tape,” says Cory.

As the camera pans to different styles of pants, Cory measures up the pants using her belt and measures it by the waistline. 

If one item is too small, she avoids purchasing it because the waistline realistically wouldn’t fit, based on the length of the belt hoop. 

@coryleemusic This is my #1 thrift hack!!!! @ValueVillage #coryleethrifts #thrifthack #torontothrift ♬ Come as You Phonk – lofi'chield

According to the comments section, viewers were concerned that Value Village had taken away their dressing rooms and questioned this decision which, they say, caused valuable customers to reconsider their newly bought thrift items. 

 “I wish we as consumers could find a way to demand Value Village bring their change rooms back. they capitalized on the pandemic to make more $,” voiced a viewer. 

“I’m so mad they got rid of the changing rooms,” commented another.

“ I know!!!!!!! Why!?!?” replied TikTok creator Cory Lee.

According to CBC News Canada, a lot of thrift stores, including Value Village and Salvation Army Thrift Store, have no plans on reopening their dressing rooms due to the unraveling effects of the pandemic, including avoiding theft, drug use, and limited staff. 

Value Village’s website even states they do not offer a cash-back return policy as well which may make it difficult for customers to shop in person, especially if they are not being offered a dressing room to try on clothes.

The Daily Dot reached out to Cory Lee (@coryleemusic) via TikTok comment and Value Village Instagram direct message. 

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