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‘When the car that you used to draw in middle school pulls up’: Viewers divided over new electric USPS truck

‘2.98B of taxpayers money to Oshkosh and they built this?’


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A new electric USPS truck was recently showcased in a viral TikTok video and viewers are making fun of its unconventional design. The footage, originating from a recent Act Expo event in Las Vegas, showcases the quirky aesthetic of the truck with its very low front end, massive windshield, and towering rear.

It was posted on the video-sharing platform by TikTok user Ilmir (@kilowattsapp) on May 23. The footage features an on-screen caption, “USPS gave $2.98B of taxpayers money to Oshkosh and they built this?”

In the comment section, viewers were quick to poke fun at the appearance of the truck, likening it to a child’s drawing.

“When the car that you used to draw in middle school pulls up on you,” one commenter wrote.

“Flint Lockwood saved the world [with] that car,” a second added.

“It just needs eyes and it can be featured in the next ‘Cars’ movie,” another suggested.

On the flip side, several users came to the truck’s defense, emphasizing its practicality over aesthetics.

One of them wrote, “Looks like a custom made vehicle to meet specific standards to me. Very good optimization”

“Doesn’t need to be pretty, it needs to be functional and durable,” another suggested.

“looks like Oshkosh understood the assignment. unit looks like it designed to have a person stand and sit frequently,” a third noted.

The new USPS electric truck, explained

Produced by Oshkosh Corporation, the next-gen USPS mail truck, was first unveiled in 2021 after a lengthy “acquisition program.” The program first began in 2015 and featured over 50 vehicle designs from 6 candidate suppliers. The questionable design allegedly comes from design constraints born out of USPS’ focus on functionality.

According to Reuters, “the USPS placed an initial $2.98 billion order for 50,000 next-generation delivery vehicles from Oshkosh Corp,” back in 2022 and is set to receive the first batch of trucks in June this year.

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The article further states, “USPS said it now plans to buy at least 66,000 electric vehicles (EVs) through 2028, including at least 45,000 out of 60,000 Oshkosh-built NGDVs.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ilmir via TikTok comment and to Oshkosh Corporation and USPS via press email.

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