Ulta worker shares products she ‘would never buy’

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‘Probably the most returned product‘: Ulta worker shares products she ‘would never buy’

'I wouldn’t touch anything from this brand with a 10-foot pole.'


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Posted on Dec 14, 2023   Updated on Dec 13, 2023, 10:35 pm CST

TikTok user Gisselle (@gizzelle.22) has accrued a massive following of 105,000 followers by posting content related to her job at Ulta Beauty.

She started a series on Tuesday highlighting some products she “would never buy” as an Ulta worker, and the series is turning out to be pretty popular. Her first video in the series garnered over 355,000 views.

Gisselle kicks off her video by showing the Truly display. Truly is a beauty brand known for selling products like body butter swirled aesthetically in a jar.

However, her reasoning for staying away from this brand has more to do with customers who can’t keep their hands to themselves than the brand itself. “Our first offender is Truly. I swear to God the jars are always fingered by customers,” she says before admitting that “yes, the boobies one feels nice.”

“But for $30?? girl bye,” she adds, referring to the popular Acai Your Boobies Boob Polish, which has 4.7 stars on Ulta’s website and aims to smooth skin and target the “appearance of stretch marks and fine lines.”

A viewer agreed with Gisselle, arguing that “Truly desperately needs to put seals on their products.”

Gisselle then turns her attention to a singular product from Kat Von, the Tattoo Liner. The eye liner retails for $25 and only has 3.3 stars on the Ulta site. Gisselle calls the liner “the most returned product” because “it’s always dried out.”

Many TikToker’s and online reviewers who bought the product from Ulta backed Gisselle’s assessment up. “I would have loved to tried this product but it came dried out,” one shopper who wasn’t even able to try the product after purchasing it said in their review.

“First time ever I bought this pencil and was completely dried when I opened it. Went to exchange it and the Ulta staff told me to not even bother since they’ve had all retuned in the past for the same reason. I wish the staff had told me that in the first place. I hope to save someone else a trip,” another reviewer said.

“I JUST returned my Kat Von D eyeliner- completely dry right out of the package,” a TikToker said.

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At the end of her video, Gisselle shows the DevaCurl display.

“Ever since that lawsuit, I wouldn’t touch anything from this brand with a 10-foot pole,” she says of the DevaCurl hair products.

Gisselle is referencing a class-action lawsuit that was brought on by customers who accused the brand of designing, manufacturing, and selling them products that resulted in hair loss, hair damage, or scalp irritation. DevaCurl denied the allegations, and both parties have since reportedly reached a settlement, according to curlyhairsettlement.com.

In the caption, Gisselle made it clear that she “[DOES] NOT REPRESENT ULTA NOR SPEAK ON BEHALF OF ULTA” and reiterates that “this is a silly video.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Gisselle via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 14, 2023, 7:00 am CST