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‘Are you OK?’: Uber Eats driver reveals why customer’s McDonald’s order is late. They can’t believe it

'Not him spilling the tea upon delivery.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Sep 28, 2023   Updated on Oct 10, 2023, 6:35 pm CDT

A lot can happen while doing food delivery. You can be asked to deliver to strange locations, travel obscene distances, or be asked to carry items well beyond your ability. Or, in the case of TikTok user Amelia Wells’ Uber Eats driver, you can be involved in a violent incident while trying to pick up food.

In a video with over 2.4 million views, Wells (@ameliawells23) shows the Ring doorbell footage of her food delivery. The footage shows a man walking to the door and apologizing for the delay.

“Somebody pulled a gun at the McDonald’s, so it was, like, a whole thing,” the delivery person says. 


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Concerned, the person at the door asks whether the driver is okay. 

“I’m already high as sh*t, so I didn’t give a f*ck,” the driver explains. After a few more questions, the driver reassures the customers that he is fine and that the gun was not pulled on him, but someone else at the McDonald’s.

“POV: you Uber eats McDonald’s in east lansing,” Wells writes in the caption of the video. East Lansing is a city in Michigan.

In the comments section, users sang the praises of the delivery driver.

“Not him spilling the tea upon delivery,” wrote a user.

“He so chill about it though,” added another.

“He’s such a mood,” stated a third.

“Well d*mn this might be one of the realest, most genuine, human moments of the 21st century I’ve ever seen,” detailed a further TikToker.

Others commended the TikToker and the additional people at the door for their compassion in the situation.

“No but you’re so kind checking to make sure he was okay,” shared a commenter. “Sometimes people don’t process things and you’re so kind making sure he’s okay.”

“As a dasher, thank you so much for caring and asking him if he’s okay,” detailed a second. “I’ve had people who literally would’ve slammed the door in my face.”

A few users even shared similar stories.

“It’s always at food places too my manager at lil ceasars pulled a gun on us,” recalled a commenter. “I was high and had a Red Bull so I acted exactly like this guy Lmao.”

“I had almost the same convo after picking up an order at Checker’s once,” claimed a user.

The Daily Dot reached out to Uber and McDonald’s via email, and Wells via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Sep 28, 2023, 9:56 am CDT