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Twitter suspends 45 alleged Russian trolls that spread pro-Trump propaganda
The discovery suggests Twitter's methods for removing bots is inadequate.

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All the notable Twitter news and stories from the past week—in 140 characters or less.

With hundreds of millions of tweets per day, it’s impossible to follow everything happening on Twitter. Every Friday, the Daily Dot rounds up notable Twitter news and stories from the past week—in 140 characters or less.

  • Embedded tweets now show the number of RTs and favorites.
  • The current Twitter bird may have been inspired by someone flipping one.
  • As mentioned last week, TweetDeck the company may die, but it seems TweetDeck the app will live on.
  • The Arsenal’s coach wants more privacy after a fan tweeted the list of fines players face. Who knew reading the paper could cost £100?
  • Young tennis star Sloane Stephens doubled her number of followers after reaching the Australian Open semifinal.
  • A literary agent livetweeted her rejections of aspiring novelists. Ouch. That’s harsh.
  • A TV host and soccer analyst quit Twitter to spend more time with his family. Lupe Fiasco ducked out too.
  • France now has its own legal term for hashtags—mot-diese.
  • Have access to your Twitter archive yet? Here’s a hack to help you keep it up to date.
  • A witness in a musician’s trial received abuse from his fans.

The week’s best new users: Lots of notable newbies this week, including actor and comedian Robin Williams (though we’re not sure if he’s heard of @HobbitWilliams yet), golf legend Greg Norman, child star Shirley Temple, and an official feed for the Marvel TV show S.H.I.E.L.D. which is surely going to be great.

Photo of the week: Rashida Jones has a table made by Ron Swanson, so we’re kind of (OK, really) jealous. (@iamrashidajones)

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