Woman slams Texas travel agent for allegedly scamming customers out of nearly $60,000

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‘I worked in travel and this isn’t that irregular unfortunately’: Woman slams Texas travel agent for allegedly scamming customers out of nearly $60,000

‘This was bonkers. Straight to jail.’


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Emily Lockard-Furry is the most wanted travel agent in the world right now. Not because people are dying to enlist her services to plan a magical vacation, but because she’s been accused of scamming clients out of their money.

According to Fox 4 Beaumont, Lockard-Furry, through her company Traveluxe Official LLC. took money from clients but didn’t apply the funds to their trips. Numerous customers have slapped her with a lawsuit as a result. 12 News spoke with attorney Layne Walker Jr., who says he is handling several gripes against the agent.

According to the legal representative, this is a story that hits home for many of Lockard-Furry’s customers—as many of them were members of her own community, or even family. The lawyer believes that over the years she has cumulatively defrauded her clients out of at least $1,000,000.

A TikTok user named Corrie (@cjoskerr) delineated some of the “small town tea” in a series of different videos.

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Vacations ruined by a scam

In the video, Corrie highlights one customer’s incident where a family paid $60,000 for a luxury vacation to see the northern lights. So how was the agent able to pull the wool over their eyes? Allegedly, the woman sent them a reservation confirmation, but never any tickets for their flight.

The family, all ready to go on their vacation, had to fork over their credit card to cover the cost of their flights. Then when they arrived at the airport, they had to pay again for the cab, using their own credit cards in the process. All the while, Lockard-Furry is telling them that they will be refunded the money they paid to her preemptively so they could just enjoy their trip.

She was supposed to use those funds to take care of every leg of their journey, but, Corrie says, the woman just took the family’s cash, just like many of her other clients are alleging, and pocketed it for herself with zero intention of putting it towards her customers’ journeys.

In the case of this Northern Lights family, Corrie says that they ended up accruing an additional $50,000 in credit card charges on top of the $60,000 they wired to Lockard-Furry beforehand for their vacation of a lifetime.

In the same video, Corrie references that the travel agent effectively screwed over her own family members with her business scam, which News 12 references, along with how she was able to book reservations for specific portions of the trip. Apparently, the agent ended up using an “expired American Express card” for the reservations. These reservations were then used to dupe customers into thinking everything was in order when it actually wasn’t.

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The Better Business Bureau’s website currently lists Traveluxe Official LLC. as having a C- rating, with 1 out of 5 stars from three reviewers.

One person penned, “I do not recommend doing business with Emily. I booked $30k worth of trips with her in 2 years. I had booked a $12k trip and cancelled – within the window – due to medical issue. I have spent the past 60+ days seeking a refund of my money, and Emily refuses to provide it. She is not responding to my emails and texts, and has essentially stolen $12k from me. I would never use her again.”

As of this writing, it appears that Emily Lockard-Furry’s Instagram has been deactivated. The Daily Dot has reached out to Layne Walker Jr. for further comment on this case.

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