Driver tries to fix his own car. Here's why things went sideways

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‘If y’all have a Nissan Altima get rid of it’: Driver tries to fix his own car. Here’s why things went sideways

"You, sir, are now a vehicle mechanic."


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Posted on Feb 10, 2024   Updated on Feb 12, 2024, 9:38 am CST

In a captivating TikTok series amassing over 2.8 million views, Logan (@logandurrance12) embarks on an ambitious DIY project to replace the transmission in his Nissan Altima—all from the confines of his own garage.

Logan, who openly admits he is not a vehicle mechanic, takes his followers on a detailed journey through the trials and tribulations of his endeavor, offering a candid look into the complexities of car repair for the average Joe. The caption reads, “If y’all have a Nissan Altima get rid of it right now!”

@logandurrance12 If y’all have a nissan altima get rid of it right now! Lol #transmission #diy #mechanic #nissan #cvt #anticipation ♬ original sound – Logan

The saga begins with Logan’s straightforward declaration: “I changed my transmission in my Nissan Altima in my garage by myself.” Faced with a staggering quote of $5,700 from the Nissan dealership to replace the transmission, Logan decides to take matters into his own hands. “And I was like, f*** that, that car ain’t worth nowhere near that. So I get it back from them, and I start searching online for a transmission,” he recounts, setting the stage for what becomes an epic tale of determination and resourcefulness.

@logandurrance12 I love y’all and cant wait to give y’all the update y’all are wanting! #transmission #diy #mechanic #nissan #cvt #anticipation ♬ original sound – Logan

Throughout the series, Logan shares the highs and lows of his experience. After finding a transmission for $250 and successfully installing it in his garage—a feat that took him “about a day and a half” of hard labor—he faces the unexpected hurdle of having the new transmission’s computer, or TCU reprogrammed to his car. This step requires a return to the Nissan dealership, leaving Logan in suspense for days. “So for three days now, I have no idea if what I did work or not,” he shares, capturing the anxiety of waiting for the final verdict.

One commenter commended Logan. “Whatever the outcome, this is still a flex that you went for it. Good for you, man,” they wrote. Another wrote, “Mechanic here; I changed a transmission one time, took to dealership and told them REPROGRAM IT ONLY….Got a call a week later, and they said, “we [diagnosed] it and you need a new transmission.”

@logandurrance12 Part 3 of the transmission job i did my self! #transmission #diy #mechanic #nissan #cvt #anticipation ♬ original sound – Logan

As the story unfolds, Logan provides updates filled with humor and frustration. Despite several setbacks, including a new hood latch installed by the dealership that left him unable to open his car’s hood, Logan’s perseverance pays off. “So I just went up to Nissan and picked the car up. It’s running great. It’s running amazing,” he finally reveals, much to the relief and delight of his followers.

One commenter quipped, “[I] guarantee the reason they replaced the hood latch is because they broke it.”

@logandurrance12 Replying to @Caleb Zahm cost break down! #transmission #nissan #diy #mechanic #cvt #cost ♬ original sound – Logan

Logan’s adventure doesn’t just end with a functioning car; he also offers a cost breakdown of the entire process. Astonishingly, he completed the transmission replacement for around $1,000—a fraction of the original quote from Nissan. “So I’m out the door doing it myself…saving myself $4,700,” Logan states, highlighting the substantial savings achieved through his DIY approach.

“You, sir, are now a vehicle mechanic,” stated a commenter on his ultimate triumph.

This viral TikTok series showcases Logan’s daring and ingenuity and inspires viewers to contemplate their DIY projects. Logan’s candid narration, peppered with technical details and personal reflections, offers valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of tackling complex repairs without professional training.

By sharing his experience, Logan ignites a conversation about the value of self-reliance, the potential for learning new skills, and the importance of not being intimidated by seemingly insurmountable challenges. His story is a testament to what can be accomplished with a bit of research, a lot of determination, and an unwavering belief in one’s abilities—even when faced with the daunting task of replacing a Nissan transmission single-handedly.

The Daily Dot contacted Logan for comment.

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*First Published: Feb 10, 2024, 6:00 pm CST