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‘I had the same issue with a Dodge Challenger’: Toyota driver almost had to pay for a repair she didn’t need. Mechanic saves the day with this trick

‘This lady almost got scammed.’


Stacy Fernandez


This woman nearly had to pay $750 dollars for a car repair, but this mechanic was able to fix her issue for next to nothing with a simple hack. If you’re a Toyota owner, listen up.

Mechanics are unfortunately known to take advantage of people, especially women who come into the repair shop alone. They quote them a higher price or tack on unnecessary parts, upgrades, and repairs to make extra money off of them.

That nearly happened to this woman.

“This lady almost got scammed. They try to sell her something she doesn’t really need,” Menji (@menjicar), a car tech, says in a viral video.

Menji explains that the woman went into a different auto shop with a Toyota Camry that had 56,000 miles on it, and she was having issues with the windows. While she was able to use the button on her driver’s side to get her own window down, the rest of the buttons for the other windows weren’t working.

The other shop told her she’d need to replace the entire window switch assembly (aka the driver-side buttons that control all of the windows) and get a new motor for the passenger-side window.

Depending on the make and model of a car, installing a new window switch could cost between $308 and $353, and replacing the motor could cost between $305 and $410 on average.

Had she not sought a second opinion from the other mechanics, she would have easily wasted $600 to $760 on something that took just a few minutes and some brand expertise to fix.

See, Menji ruled out it being a motor issue since the window still worked when clicked on the passenger side, and he remembered a handy trick to reset the window switch.

All you have to do is put the window all the way up, hold it there, go all the way down, and hold it again.

“What that basically does is relearn this whole window,” Menji explains.

And just like that, the windows were working again without having to shell out hundreds of dollars.

“Always get a second opinion whenever you get work done to your car,” he recommended in the caption.

@menjicar Always get a second opinion whenever you get work done to your car. #toxico #ladyscammed #mechanicscams #automotive #mechaniclife #auto #cars #autotech #shadymechanic ♬ original sound – Menjicar

The video has more than 200 comments with mixed reactions.

“Is so hard to find an honest mechanic and they take advantage of us not knowing lol,” the top comment read.

“Who the hell doesn’t know this after replacing the battery,” a person said.

“Dam I was gonna take to the dealer, ty same problem on my wife’s Camry,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Menji and Toyota for comment via email.

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