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‘If you buy skincare from TJ Maxx, I have some bad news’: Marshalls customer said she bought skincare that she later found out expired in 2021

‘I once bought a perfume… IT WAS 9 YEARS OLD. I paid $55!!!’


Braden Bjella


If you’re a Marshalls or TJ Maxx shopper, TikTok user Jess (@ecommjess) has a warning: check your expiration dates.

In a video with over 31,000 views, Jess tells a story about a skincare product she recently purchased from Marshalls (Marshalls and TJ Maxx are owned by the same company).

Once she got home, however, she noticed that there were little particulates within the bottle, something that was not present in bottles she had previously purchased.

Suspecting something was off, she looked up the batch number on the bottom of the bottle using an online cosmetics calculator. As the product was made in February 2021 and was unsealed, and the bottle itself recommended that the product only be used until 9 months after opening. 

Using this information, Jess concluded that the product had expired.

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“You know I love TJ Maxx, and a lot of their stuff is perfectly fine, but check the batch number,” Jess advises.

Using expired makeup and skincare products can present numerous issues. The makeup may not work as well or remain the same color as when it was purchased, and in some cases, mold can develop on the makeup and cause irritation on the skin.

The same can be said about skincare products. While many products may be safe to use past their expiration date, they can be less effective and run the risk of developing mold.

Back on Jess’ video, some users claimed they’ve had similar experiences.

“I once bought a perfume that was very mild for a name brand.. i looked it up. IT WAS 9 YEARS OLD,” recalled a user. “I paid $55!!!”

“Well you just saved me mine said it was manufactured June 2021…ummm back to the store you go!” offered another.

The Daily Dot reached out to both Jess and TJ Maxx via email.

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