Shopper shares best to way shop at T.J. Maxx to find good deals

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‘Please do be afraid to touch my bins’: Shopper shares best to way shop at T.J. Maxx to find good deals. Workers aren’t so sure

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A T.J. Maxx enthusiast named Madeline Crawford (@madelinecrawford_) sparked a debate on shopping etiquette after posting a clip detailing some of her favorite deal-spotting techniques at the store. While numerous folks echoed that shoppers could very well find themselves landing great deals by adhering to her advice, there were more than a few who took issue with one little recommendation in particular.

She posted her tips and tricks in a viral TikTok. It’s garnered over 8.4 million views.

“This is my go-to guide at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, because if there’s a good thing in the store, I’m gonna find it, and I’m gonna teach you how,” she says into the camera as she pans back and forth between her face and the racks of clothes hanging in store.

The shoe section

“The first place I always go is shoes, because, are you kidding me?” she says, holding a red, high-top Converse sneaker in her hand. “Because typically there’s only one pair per style. Here is, literally another perfect example,” she narrates, displaying a pastel-patterned pair of low-top Nike kicks.

The makeup section

“Second, you always wanna go to the makeup, because, since it’s eye-level. Everyone’s gonna see that stuff first before you start digging in the clothes. The best days to go, by far, are weekday mornings because that’s, they restock every weekday morning, and afternoon I think—beat the crowd,” she suggests.

The T.J. Maxx bins

“Also if you ever see the bins or carts out, do not be afraid to go up to them, because you’re also going to find the best stuff on there, too. Like these need to immediately catch your attention and run to them,” she says after showing off what the bins in question look like.

“For clothes it is harder because everyone is looking for different brands. I’m mostly looking for Free People, Bazaar, and Urban Outfitters, and those are typically really bright, colorful patterns, so that’s why I find it so easily,” she says into the camera as the video cuts out.

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One bit of Crawford’s advice, the piece about going up to bins, however, seemed to ruffle people’s feathers. There was one commenter who said that they were a T.J. Maxx worker and that most of the advice Crawford relayed was on point. “‘As a tjmaxx employee yes. To all of it. Except pls don’t go thru the bins if I am actively trying to put it away,” they shared.

Someone else wrote, “Customers rlly need to respect the process of putting product out. things could need to get transferred or sensors. it’ll be on the floor when ready”

“Absolutely do not touch the bins. We’re trying to put out new product or put away what people misplaced. Please for the love of god do not touch bins,” a third echoed.

However, there were other folks who didn’t heed the warnings associated with the plastic containers. “If stuff in the bin is labelled, im going through it. Maybe bc my store is busy, but a bunch of bins & extra racks are just out with no one working it,” one shared.

“Y’all saying not to go up to the carts or bins but y’all just leaving them sitting there completely full,” another shopper argued.

When does T.J. Maxx restock?

According to GoBanking Rates, Crawford is right about restock days. If you are on the prowl for new items, then you’re going to want to head into a T.J. Maxx outside of a Saturday or Sunday. “Stores typically receive new shipments several times a week, but the most substantial restocks often happen on weekdays. This means that if you’re looking for the freshest selection, a weekday visit is your best bet,” GoBanking Rates notes.

CNET also provided a bit of helpful information for folks who are looking to save some extra cash while living out their Maxxinista fantasies. Products are usually marked down on Mondays, the outlet reportes. “While the weekends may be the most convenient time for many of us to head into the local T.J. Maxx store, it’s actually one of the worst times to shop. The stores only receive shipments on weekdays, which means the weekend offers no new inventory and it’s before the next round of markdowns take place,” CNET states.

The outlet also recommends shoppers check the price tags of similar items, as associates can sometimes miss marking down a tag.

According to Forbes, T.J. Maxx’s Q1 2024 fiscal results were above what the retailer planned, citing a 3% total increase in sales, and a 22% increase in overall earnings when compared to the same time frame of the previous year.

The Daily Dot has reached out to T.J. Maxx and Crawford via email for further comment.

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