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‘If it’s a self checkout the kiosk should tip you’: Man in airport buys bottle of Perrier water at self-checkout kiosk before getting on plane, gets asked to leave a tip

‘I have not seen a single employee.’


Melody Heald


The anti-tipping movement on TikTok is growing, and most consumers there agree that tipping should only be reserved for places where sit-down service is offered. That’s why videos about being expected to tip at self-serve establishments, like most frozen yogurt shops, are primed to go viral.

TikToker Ivan (@ivangtv), who gained over 700,000 followers by sharing viral content and news reviews, recently reacted to a video of right-wing commentator Michael Knowles being asked to leave a tip at a self-checkout kiosk in the airport.

“I think we can all agree that tipping culture has gotten completely out of control, at least here in America,” Ivan says before showcasing Knowles’ video.

After grabbing a bottle of Perrier water, the pundit walks over to a self-checkout machine. He scans the water and proceeds to pay. After pressing “next,” he is met with another screen. “Would you like to leave a tip?” it read, followed by the tip options.

“I have not seen a single employee. I have scanned my own Perrier, and now the robot wants me to tip it,” he says. “Should I do, like, 18%? Getting 20%.”

Ivan’s video amassed 1.2 million views, and viewers agreed with his sentiment that tipping culture has gotten out of control.

“I do agree. In this situation I would guess all their pos systems run off the same program and turning off at one turns off all. Just a guess,” one viewer wrote.

“If it’s a self checkout the kiosk should tip you,” a second joked, riffing on the notion that customers are being put to work by having to check out their own goods.

Others shared their own experiences with being pressured to tip on goods and services they feel they shouldn’t have to tip on.

“Yah, I filled my own fountain drink at the airport in a small Cafe, went to pay and she spun the screen around,” one user revealed.

“Some places even have no no tip button you have to leave at least $1 like in Vegas!” a second added.

The Daily Dot has reported on at least one instance in which a customer said they were not given the option to hit “no tip.” And believe it or not, there have been several instances in which customers were asked to tip at self-checkout machines.

According to CBS, these tips collected at self-checkout machines are being used as bonuses for some employees who make living wages. Nevertheless, CBS reports that “researchers are worried that companies are using tips as a way to put the onus on consumers for paying their employees rather than raising wages themselves.”

Update 4pm CT, Nov. 8: When reached for comment, Ivan told the Daily Dot via email, “Tipping culture has gotten out of control that it has turned people off to tipping for other professions like waitressing that actually need the tips.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @ivangtv via email and TikTok comment and Michael Knowles via contact form.

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