Comedian shocked after TikToker copies her tweet 'word for word'

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‘u copied and pasted this joke’: Comedian shocked after woman copies her tweet ‘word for word’

‘The web of lies she keeps spinning.’


Charlotte Colombo


A standup comedian and content creator was left speechless after discovering another creator had gone viral on TikTok—by seemingly lifting her viral tweet word-for-word.

In a Twitter post which has already amassed 2 million views, Keara Sullivan wrote: “This girl on TikTok ripped my tweet word for word and it has 133k likes and she’s replying to the comments keeping up the ruse as if she actually lived this experience.”

As part of this post, she quote-tweeted the viral tweet in question, which reads: “If u ever think ur stupid just know that one time a guy asked me what my ‘attachment style’ was and I didn’t know what that meant so I said ‘PDF if it’s over email I hate when people send it as a word doc [sic].’”

The screenshots attached to this creator’s tweet shows a TikTok with the same wording—identical right down to the grammar. Yasemin, the creator who made this TikTok, now appears to have privated her account. But while the TikTok itself has also now been privated, Keara also provided screenshots from its comment section which, she says, furthers the “web of lies” this creator is purportedly making related to her viral tweet.

For instance, the official TikTok account for Amazon AE told Yaesmin that she is “so real for this,” to which the creator replied that she “ordered a book about attachment styles on Amazon afterwards.”

Then, Keara replied: “No u didn’t girl, u copied and pasted this joke from MY TWEET.”

As Yaesmin continued to respond to commenters, Keara added in a further comment: “I’m absolutely dying at the way ur responding to these comments as if u actually lived this experience I’m in awe fr.”

TikTok joke theft situation spirals

But the plot then thickened further as Yaesmin added a post to her TikTok story. In the clip, reuploaded by Keara, Yaesmin accused the comedian of harassment, bullying, and “pretending” she stole the tweet.

“It’s the internet, and people see things, experience the same things,” she said. “It’s not that you’re so unique, and it’s only your life and your story.”

Across X, netizens were stunned by the allegations. “The fact that its word for word punctuation for punctuation and even capitalization for capitalization is so sick,” one wrote.

“The wildest part about these tweet-stealing TikToks is that the thief makes no money since videos need to be over a minute long to be monetized,” another added. While a third user claimed that Yaesmin’s “entire TikTok account is filled with plagiarized tweets, copied word for word and even punctuation for punctuation.” Another X user shared screenshots which appeared to corroborate these claims; the Daily Dot was unable to independently verify this.

The Daily Dot was unable to reach Yaesmin for comment. Keara didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

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