Woman calls out politicians for using TikTok to campaign then passing TikTok ban

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‘Jeff Jackson really disappointed me’: Woman calls out politicians for using TikTok to campaign then passing TikTok ban

'Banning TikTok on a election year is a wild move.'


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Posted on Mar 16, 2024   Updated on Mar 16, 2024, 2:17 pm CDT

TikTokers hopped on social media to express their ire that elected officials are effectively betraying their own ethics and morals and that their voting records aren’t reflecting their own actions.

The latest political “hypocrite” who is being put on blast is Democratic North Carolina State Representative Jeff Jackson. Jackson utilized TikTok to garner political support and gain notoriety while informing his constituents of political promises and his policy intentions while in office.

He’s been called one of the biggest political personalities on the app, which is why it came as a major surprise to numerous users that Jackson voted in favor of the TikTok ban.

TikToker @luncheonlawyer hopped on camera, shouting about the two-faced nature of Jackson’s decision to ban the application, and highlighted how he benefited from the app but then turned around and voted to have it banned.

“All these Congress members who voted yes would have had their account deactivated by 11am sharp,” she says. “You voted yes at 10:30 baby by 10:31 don’t even worry about it, don’t even worry about logging in baby because your account is gone.” She references the stitched video from Shou Zi Chew, CEO of TikTok, discussing the potential U.S. ban.

The TikToker continued her diatribe against members of Congress wanting to ban the app.

“You have complaints go talk about it on Twitter X not on my platform,” she says. “At that point, I would never beat the allegations levied against me about manipulation by Congress, and while we’re talking about Congress let’s get into Jeff Jackson, and Jeff Jackson, if that’s your name, I’m trying, I’m trying not to get ghetto? Understand?”

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The lawyer went on to delineate the hypocrisy employed by Jackson, stating that he was a backstabber.

“If you don’t think TikTok will be banned, politician Jeff Jackson then why did you then turn around and pass a bill that could lead to the ban you cleared the pathway to ban TikTok. Riddle me that?” she says.

The TikToker continues, “And while I have you Jeff, I do feel some type of way about politicians like yourself who use this app to prop themselves up, get an audience, support their campaigns, and then turn around and stab those same people in the back who put you there.”

Another issue she brought it surrounding the TikTok ban, according to the TikToker, was that it was yet another instance of a politician blatantly disregarding the needs of their constituents.

“Your constituents who probably use TikTok as an extra source of income, so many people who are able to finally quit their jobs or go part-time or save to buy a house or a car, pay off their debt, because of this application, Jeff,” she rants.

The creator went on to say that politicians like Jackson demonstrated they had no issues in using TikTokers for their own ends to get messaging out to their audiences. However, they could ultimately care less about the platform and how folks make a living for themselves on it.

“Look, I’m not saying that there are no privacy and security concerns,” she concludes. ‘”But what I am questioning is whether banning this app is the least harmful way and the best way to address those concerns.”

Several commenters who replied to the TikToker’s video also expressed their disappointment in Jackson and U.S. State Representatives who voted in favor of the TikTok ban.

“Jeff Jackson really disappointed me,” one person wrote.

Another said, “Banning TikTok on a election year is a wild move.”

Others couldn’t believe that the politician still enjoyed a hefty following on the app even though he voted in favor of getting it banned.

“Idk WHY JEFF HAS 2.4 mil followers still????” one wrote.

Someone else accused Meta of engaging in the same data collection practices that TikTok has, but even worse.

“Meanwhile meta and xitter freely do everything they accuse tiktok of, on a much larger domestic scale,” one claimed.

The Daily Dot has reached out to TikTok, Jeff Jackson, and the TikToker via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Mar 16, 2024, 3:00 pm CDT