Dairy Queen employees speaking with caption 'Things customers do that we hate as DQ employees: drive thru edition' (l) Dairy Queen building entrance with sign (c) Dairy Queen employees speaking with caption 'Asking a bag for your sundae' (r)

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‘Asking for a bag for your sundae’: Dairy Queen workers shares ‘things customers do that we hate’

'When it's raining, and you have your windshield wipers on.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jul 12, 2023

We’ve heard the laundry list of things customers do that many workers in the food service industry hate. For example, Texas Roadhouse workers hate it when customers ask if shrimp can be a side, and Chipotle workers hate it when customers talk on the phone while ordering and just point to the ingredients they want to fill their bowl, taco, or burrito.

We now know what grinds the gears of Dairy Queens workers who man the drive-thru, thanks to TikToker Lacey McCain (@lacey_mccain) and her co-worker, two workers of the fast-food chain.

“The first thing is when it’s raining and you have your windshield wipers on,” McCain’s co-worker said. “Please turn them off.”

Next on the list was “not turning off your truck.” “Because we can’t hear you and then everybody gets mad at us when we ask them to repeat things,” McCain said.

Another gripe? “Asking for a bag for your sundae.” “Like, it’s not gonna do anything. It’s gonna spill,” McCain’s co-worker said.

Finally, the last grievance was “smoking in the drive-thru.” “Like, I’m not gonna judge your bad habits but also don’t blow smoke in my face because I don’t want to smell it,” McCain said.

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The Daily Dot reached out to McCain via TikTok comment regarding the video. Her video garnered over 15,000 views as of July 12 and resonated with fellow fast-food workers.

“When i worked at dunkin, i HATED when people smoked in the drive thru and they would do it right in your face,” one viewer wrote.

“I work at a Wendy’s and I do work drive thru a lot I suffer everything y’all said!! I hate it too when people be asking for add ons at the window,” a second agreed.

Others added to McCain’s customer pet peeves.

“My favorite is when they dump their trash out their car at the drive thru window,” one person stated.

“My favorite is ‘could i get a large cone’ ‘did you say cone or coke?’ ‘CAN I GET A LARGE CONE,’” a second added.

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*First Published: Jul 12, 2023, 1:38 pm CDT