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‘None of the roadhouses do this anymore’: Texas Roadhouse server shows why they banned peanuts on the floor

‘I miss old Texas Roadhouse.’


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At Texas Roadhouse, a nostalgic ritual of tossing peanut shells on the floor while dining is becoming a rarity, a change that has sparked debate among patrons and staff alike. This shift was brought to light in a viral TikTok video by server Brianna (@briannagti), which has surged to 8.7 million views.

The video shows servers sweeping up peanut shells at the end of the night, a task that once defined the rustic charm of the restaurant chain.

Founded in 1993 by Kent Taylor in Clarksville, Indiana, Texas Roadhouse aimed to emulate a casual Texas ranch atmosphere, complete with complimentary peanuts and fresh baked rolls, which enhanced the dining experience and complimented Taylor’s customer-focused service strategies.

The peanut-throwing tradition, as American as apple pie, was a beloved part of the Texas Roadhouse experience, as showcased by a top commenter who waxed nostalgic, “Pre covid Texas roadhouse was something.” Another user added, “I miss old texas roadhouse.”

The pandemic most certainly reshaped many aspects of dining out, emphasizing cleanliness and food safety. This has led to stricter protocols in restaurants nationwide, which could explain why fewer locations now encourage the peanut-throwing tradition. In addition, the concern over food allergies has become more pronounced, with one commenter humorously noting the danger. “So i’m allergic and i always thought this was an exaggeration but i’d definitely die walking in here LMAO,” they wrote. Although only 1.8% of folks have the dreaded peanut allergy, the numbers have increased 3.5 fold over the past 20 years, per a 2021 report in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.  

@briannagti When i say Texas you say Roadhouse! **Dont worry, this is not as normal as it used to be! @Alexis #texasroadhouse #peanuts #texasroadhouseserver #taylorswift #servers ♬ original sound – canasia’s bookshelf 📚

Texas Roadhouse staff members expressed annoyance for the old ways and relief that they are mostly over. One staff member critical of the practice said, “How could we make workers more miserable?” I hated this…”

Meanwhile, another noted a compromise at their location, “Ours offers peanuts but the floors are clean because we aren’t barbarians.”

Another commenter replied that the Texas Roadhouse location he would frequented not only allowed diners to toss their hollowed peanut shells on the floor, but that staff would specifically instruct customers to do so: “Ours used to TELL us to toss them onto the floor.”

Brianna, however, seems to enjoy keeping the tradition, reassuring viewers that, despite the changes, peanuts remain a staple at her Texas Roadhouse location. “Our guests LOVE the peanuts! I don’t foresee us getting rid of them anytime soon!” she wrote.

However, she noted in the caption that the massive amount of peanut shells discarded on the floors, as seen in her video, has reduced more recently.

The changes at Texas Roadhouse reflect a broader trend in the restaurant industry, where tradition meets modernity against the backdrop of health concerns and evolving customer preferences. As businesses navigate these changes, the challenge lies in maintaining the essence of what made them special while adapting to new health standards and expectations. As the dust settles, hopefully, the peanut shells do too, keeping a great American tradition alive.

Texas Roadhouse isn’t the only restaurant known for dishing out shelled peanuts to guests and almost encouraging them to toss the shells on the floor. The Ground Round was also known to allow customers to engage in this practice as well. Some folks looked fondly at some of the traditions of this long-lost chain—like this Redditor who posted an advertisement from 1978 at the Monmouth Mall in Central New Jersey.

And one user on TikTok responded to Brianna’s video, asking, “We used to go to the one in Monmouth mall . Was that the place that let you throw peanut shells on the floor?”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Texas Roadhouse via email and Briana via TikTok comment for further information.

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