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‘These r the things we don’t tell our customers’: Texas Roadhouse customer pours bowl of chili into a cup. It’s the same amount

‘They do the same everywhere I ever worked.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral TikTok video, a woman proved that Texas Roadhouse customers pay more for a bowl of chili even though it holds the same amount as the cheaper cup of chili.

In a video titled “Texas Roadhouse Scam,” Ruby (@cheynabrown) appears to be out for dinner with a group of people at the popular steakhouse chain Texas Roadhouse.

Both she and a young boy that’s with her ordered chili, with the difference being that she ordered a bowl and he ordered a cup. A New York Texas Roadhouse currently has the cup listed at $3.99 and the bowl at $5.99—a two-dollar difference.

While the bowl is supposed to contain more chili, while eyeing the boy’s cup, Ruby had a theory that they might have gotten the same amount but in different serving ware.

So, she put her theory to the test.

@cheynabrown Eating out is expensive enough as it is without being scammed by everyone! #texasroadhouse #scams #theft #restaurant ♬ original sound – Ruby

Ruby got an empty cup and, with the help of her friend or family member, poured the contents of her bowl into the cup. It fits perfectly.

“The bowl of chili is the same as the cup of chili,” one of her fellow diners says.

“I knew it was,” Ruby adds behind the camera.

The video has more than 350,000 views and over 620 comments as of Tuesday morning.

“Eating out is expensive enough as it is without being scammed by everyone!” Ruby wrote in the caption. “Texas Roadhouse do better! I started to pour it and then decided to record.”

In the comment section, Ruby explained that while she did let her server know about the chili, she presented it more as a “did you know” situation versus taking a bigger deal about it and possibly asking for a refund or a larger portion.

“I wasn’t stressing it,” Ruby wrote.

A person who worked at the chain restaurant shared that they might have had more in their cup than usual.

“A bowl of chili has 2 scoops where the cup only has 1. it means they overfill the cup. i use to work for Texas roadhouse,” the person shared.

Another person advised that next time Ruby wants to get a proper large portion of chili she should order it to go.

“I only get the bowl of chili if I order it to go-they give you two cups of it instead of just one,” the comment wrote.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Ruby via TikTok comment and to Texas Roadhouse via email.

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