Tesla worker says company made his family 'lose everything'

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‘As a shareholder and fan, this is upsetting’: Tesla worker says company made his family ‘lose everything’

‘Try and find or get together for a class action because this is not a good company.’


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In an emotionally charged TikTok video with more than 40,000 views, former Tesla employee Meir Gerichter (@meir.gerichter) publicly discusses his plight after alleging that the company reneged on its employment promise.

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“Hello, my name is Meir Gerichter. I’m from Toronto, Ontario,” the video begins, setting the stage for a harrowing tale of professional and personal betrayal. “Ironically, after what I’m about to tell you, [Tesla] still happens to be one of my favorite companies in the world,” he confesses.

Wearing a Tesla-branded shirt, Gerichter details his journey of commitment to Tesla. He claims he was accepted into the company’s exclusive START program in Vancouver, British Columbia. “Only a select few were chosen nationwide to partake in this program. I was one of the lucky few,” he recalls.

Driven to “be the savior of my family” and “provide the best life I could,” Gerichter moved from Ontario to Vancouver. This move was no small feat, he says, as it entailed uprooting his life, leaving behind his community, and braving a challenging winter drive across Canada with his wife and two daughters.

The roller coaster of emotions is palpable when Gerichter describes his excitement at joining the Tesla family. “I took a picture of myself there. My wife took a picture of myself there. And I couldn’t wait to start,” he says, recounting his first moments seeing the Tesla showroom in Vancouver.

However, the video takes a heart-wrenching turn as Gerichter shares the shocking revelation that, just days before his formal training commenced, Tesla informed him that his contract had “expired.” He says he was asked to cease all communication and return company equipment. “Tesla has lied. They lied about the terms of employment. They lied about a fake expiry date that is nowhere to be found on this contract,” he states with visible anguish. In another post, he shows the alleged contract.

Now faced with looming financial hardships, the loss of their home, and potential bankruptcy, Gerichter reveals that he is pursuing legal action against Tesla. “Now, it is not just a small claim. Now, it is a really big claim. I’m looking to sue Tesla for the loss of my home… and for the four years that they promised me on this contract.”

In a plea for assistance, Gerichter ends the video by seeking support through a GoFundMe campaign. Comparing his struggle to the biblical story of David and Goliath, he says, “Just like when David fought Goliath, and he won. This is the modern-day Goliath.”

“@Elon Musk, what’s goin’ on here?” asked one commenter. “As a shareholder and Tesla fan, this is upsetting.” Gerichter replied, “It’s absolutely terrible.”

One commenter recommended taking it up a notch: “Try and find or get together for a class action because this is not a good company.”

Aside from well-noted vehicle issues, Tesla has had numerous cases relating to employment, including a Black employee accusing the company of racism. It was recently levied with an employee class action suit for a data breach.

Gerichter also posted a recent update on his situation.

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The Daily Dot has contacted Gerichter via TikTok comment and Tesla via email for comment.

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