Woman says car salesman didn’t show her how to use new Tesla’s PRNDL functions

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‘Who was gonna tell me?’: Woman says car salesman didn’t show her how to use new Tesla’s PRNDL functions

'Calling it The PRNDL is crazy.'


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Posted on Mar 21, 2024   Updated on Mar 21, 2024, 9:21 am CDT

Tesla is known for its innovative and futuristic car features, but its latest model’s PRND—park, reverse, neutral, and drive—functions are taking some TikTokers by surprise. A new owner walks us through their excitement finding out about the new placement for a model’s PRND gears. In the video, Melanie (@melanielissaa) is driving when they make this discovery.

“Who was gonna tell me that the PRND-L is not only here, pero que esta aqui arriba (but that it is here). I don’t even think that the guy who showed me … how to, you know, use the Tesla when I first got it knew that it was up here,” Melanie states. Melanie shows viewers the PRND functions on the screen, as they usually are, but they are also right above Melanie’s head on the ceiling between the sun visors.

The video has over 300 comments and almost 860,000 views.

According to the car enthusiast site, Autoevolution, these functions serve as backup buttons on the new Tesla Model 3’s ceiling, “if the screen ever freezes and cannot be reset, those extra controls might come in handy,” says Florin Amariei, the article’s author.

Some commenters are just as excited about the new feature as Melanie, while others are skeptical.

“Sis I just bought one I love it!!!” mentions one comment.

“Worst design to ever exist,” says another.

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Aside from the buzz about the car’s new feature, an overwhelming amount of comments were happy to hear Melanie pronounce the PRND/L gears a “prindle,” which is pronouncing the gears as one word instead of P-R-N-D-L or just simply referring to it as the gears.

“Calling it The PRNDL is crazy,” says a comment.

“Only the REAL ONES remember London Tipton,” references another.

“I love that we all call it the PRNDL,” states another.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAS have you never watched zack and codyyyyy,” responded Melanie to a comment about her use of the word prindle.

Melanie is referencing an episode from the show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody that aired on Disney Channel for three seasons from 2005-2008. In an episode, Lindon Tipton, the heiress of a wealthy family and who is characterized as a clueless airhead, refers to the gears as “prindle” as she’s learning how to drive.

Regardless of what you call it, the Tesla Model 3’s new feature is an interesting addition that’s giving the internet much to talk about.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Tesla for comment via email and Melanie for comment via email.

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*First Published: Mar 21, 2024, 11:00 pm CDT