Tenant gets stuck in apartment parking garage's 'car vending machine' contraption


‘I’m supposed to be at work’: Tenant gets stuck in apartment parking garage’s ‘car vending machine’ contraption

'Why aren’t you in your car?? ... That’s so dangerous.'


Phil West


Posted on Jun 26, 2023

An apartment tenant who was supposed to be at work instead found herself “trapped in a cage.”

Content creator Rachel (@rachthepa) posted the now-viral video, which is sure to terrify those with claustrophobia. She recorded the video from her apartment’s garage, where she was trapped. As of Monday morning, her video had over 286,900 views.


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“So I’m currently trapped in a cage in my apartment,” Rachel said. She explained that her apartment has a “car vending machine-type thing” and that it got stuck.

“I went to go back out and the door had closed on me—which is not supposed to happen,” she explained. “That doesn’t happen unless you press the button. So apparently the machine malfunctioned. And now I am legitimately trapped. … I’m supposed to be at work.”

Rachel contemplated stepping on her car to try and jump over the closed door, but said that her landlord was on the way. She also said that the fire department might get involved in her rescue.

“Send help,” she wrote in the text overlay.

In the comments, a number of people urged Rachel to wait for help in her car. Many offered dire warnings that her situation looked “dangerous.”  

“If it moves you will be crushed,” one user offered. 

“Why aren’t you in your car??” another questioned. “That’s so dangerous.”

“You standing there despite warnings to get back in your car gives me submarine vibes, just askin for it,” a third person wrote. 

Others, meanwhile, complimented Rachel on her calm in the face of danger—however she may have achieved it. 

“Omg nooooo,” one remarked. “You’re waaaay calmer than I would be lol.” 

“I strive to be this level of calm,” another remarked. 

In her video’s caption, Rachel said that her landlord saw her on a security camera and “yelled” at her to get in her car in case the machine moved. And it does appear that she exited safely. In a follow-up video, Rachel said that she made it out after being stuck for roughly 20 minutes. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Rachel via email. 

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*First Published: Jun 26, 2023, 11:48 am CDT