woman finds snakeskin on top of cabinets


‘Oh, so you think you want to move to Arizona?’: Tenant finds snake skin on top of kitchen cabinet. She hasn’t found the snake

‘Just casually got a basilisk roaming in your kitchen cabinets bye.’


Braden Bjella


Those living in the northern United States might be surprised to learn just how many animals are native to the Southwest. For example, alongside expected pests like mosquitoes and spiders, those living in New Mexico or Arizona might see scorpions, snakes, and even the occasional feral hog.

Now, a user on TikTok has gone viral after sharing her own animal encounter. In a video with over 3.3 million views, TikToker Sedona (@sedonaskyxo) says, “Oh, so you think you want to move to Arizona?” She then shows a cabinet upon which something can be seen hanging down.

“So I’m making breakfast, and I just woke up, and I’m like, ‘What is that? That’s weird,’” she says, referring to the hanging object. She then pulls the object down, revealing it to be a molted snakeskin. 

“Scorpions, spiders, venomous lizards, snakes, you name it,” she writes in the caption. “We’re like a mini Australia but no ocean.”

@sedonaskyxo Scorpions, spiders, venomous lizards, snakes, you name it. We’re like a mini Australia but no ocean 🙂 ##fypシ##fyp##lol##foryou##arizona##snakes ♬ original sound – Sedona

According to Sedona in the comments section, the skin was around 4 feet long.

Naturally, commenters quickly realized that if Sedona found a snakeskin, there was likely a snake nearby.

“Sooooo that snake is somewhere around your house… That’s great!” said a commenter.

“Just casually got a basilisk roaming in your kitchen cabinets bye,” added another.

Other users just shared their own Arizona animal experiences.

“Saw my first tarantula by my pool the other day,” stated a commenter. “AZ is not for the weak.”

“In my 11 years I lived in AZ I loved it. My last day before I moved back to L.A I found a scorpion in my sofa,” recalled a second.

“Lived in Tucson for a bit when I was a kid & still traumatized from when a lizard got into my house & crawled on me during the night,” shared a third.

“I’ll never forget in elementary school my friend was supposed to move to AZ and when they went to look at the house there were scorpions EVERYWHERE,” wrote an additional TikToker.

Many commenters said that they would be reconsidering any future Arizona travel.

“I’ve never wanted to move to Arizona… this is just the icing in the cake,” explained a commenter.

“As Lucille Bluth stated ‘I’d rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona,’” offered a further user.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sedona via TikTok direct message.

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