Landlord claims he lost tenant’s rent check. She catches him in a lie

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‘KEEP A COPY OF THE RECEIPT’: Landlord claims he lost tenant’s rent check. She catches him in a lie

'Did he not think you would see that orrrrr?'


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Posted on Apr 18, 2024   Updated on Apr 18, 2024, 11:22 am CDT

It’s not uncommon for social media platforms to become a battleground for personal grievances that go public.

TikToker Mak (@makenzieathompson) tapped into a vein of widespread frustration with one of her latest videos.

Titled “Can’t make this sh*t up,” the video features a catchy lip-sync to the TikTok-viral track “Sekret Valentines Day” by Se’Kret. The lyrics “You really did a good job of f****** up my day. And you said you made steak,” set the tone for a tale of deception involving her landlord.

“When my landlord says he lost our rent check,” text on the video reads.

That text is swiftly followed up by, “Just for my bank to say he deposited it.”

Mak’s video is pretty short, but that hasn’t stopped it from exploding to 1.6 million views.

@makenzieathompson Cant make this shit up. #rent #landlord #landlordproblems #lastmonthrenting #rentingproblems ♬ SeKret Valentines Day – Se’Kret

The TikTok community rallied around Mak, sharing their own horror stories and advice in the comments.

A top commenter related their victory in a similar situation. “My apartment pulled that on me. Filed a complaint with the owner of the property and they gave us 2 months free,” they shared.

Another advised a proactive approach to such discrepancies, suggesting, “I’d tell him you’re going to open up a fraud investigation with your bank first since it shows a deposit.”

Mak confidently replied, “It shows he deposited it his signature and everything so he’s gotta figure it out himself now.”

Other commenters shared measures they take to avoid getting scammed when making large payments. “This is why I zelle and always ss after every time,” one said.


Mak revealed to another commenter that her “husband told our banker the whole story so he’s getting it reported and they are going to investigate!”

The landlord, Mak says, is alleging it wasn’t him who signed the check. “Now he wants us to go back to our bank and report it as fraud,” she told yet another commenter.

But viewers couldn’t understand why the landlord made it Mak’s issue to begin with. “Even if he did lose it why is he telling you like you suppose to give him another check,” one said, with another writing, “I wouldn’t have cared if he had actually lost it. you are out of your mind if you think I’m sending another check.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Mak via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Apr 18, 2024, 4:00 pm CDT