Target worker says her Christmas gift from workplace was Halloween candy

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‘Holidays at Target make me question why I work there’: Target worker says her Christmas gift from her job was Halloween candy

‘And the 25 cent raise.’


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We can get nostalgic over even some of the hardest times in our lives. One of the best examples may be the fact that all of us have fond memories of our first jobs, even though we wanted out of them as soon as possible.

Tiktoker Angelina (@angewiina) has gone viral with a trip down memory lane featuring her experiences as a Target employee in a slideshow she captioned “my fav hell hole that took me to my big girl job.” And her reminiscing highlights just how frustrating it can be to work on the bottom rung of the corporate retail ladder.

Angelina posted the slideshow on Friday and it’s gone on to acquire over 1.1 million views and counting as of Monday. The featured pictures point out many of her highs and lows as an employee but probably the “Grinch”-iest pic showed how chinchy the company was when it came to rewarding employees over the holidays.

The pic shows Angelina in a hoodie, knit beanie, and safety vest, standing in the employee locker room holding a Reeses peanut butter candy bar. The caption reads, “Finding out my Christmas gift from the million-dollar corporation was a HALLOWEEN candy.”

It seems like Target isn’t above a little yuletide re-gifting regarding its employees (and perhaps its remaindered holiday items).

The Daily Dot has reached out to Target via email for a statement.

Angelina’s slideshow unleashed a torrent of comments from fellow ex-employees, many of whom remembered equal off-the-cuff treatment—not to mention several comments about the company’s minuscule raises.

“Getting a 10¢ raise and being told ‘You got a higher raise than most of your coworkers !!’ PLEASE,” ch-ch-ch-chia (@ope.itsgia) wrote.

“My coworker got a $5 Target gift card for his 5th year anniversary….” another commented, recalling a similar small budget gesture.

Another former worker added, “GIRL last year after Christmas as a ‘gift’ they gave us Christmas toddler socks that were probs salvage.”

Jane Juarez (@janejuarez4) also mentioned the small raises employees were offered, writing, “And the 25 cent raise.”


“Holidays at target make me question why I work there,” another commenter stated.

Jillian (@jbombxo) may have summed it up best, commenting, “Shopping at Target & working at Target—two completely different experiences.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Angelina via email for further comment.

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