Target drive up shelves with cases of soda stacked on bottom shelf (l) Target drive up sign outside of Target building (c) Target drive up shelves with cases of soda stacked on bottom shelf (r)

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‘The person who does drive-up is going to have fun bringing this out’: Target worker says drive-up customer ordered 45 plus cases of soda

‘Deals are too good.’


Phil West


A Target worker showed a drive-up order of more than 45 cases of soda … and what it means for the workers who have to process that order.

The video was put up on TikTok by creator Kaitlin Sondae (@kaitlinsondae), who often posts about her job at the retail giant. The clip garnered more than 35,400 views on the platform, since going up on Tuesday evening.

In it, the creator says, in a sarcastic tone, “When someone buys like 45-plus case packs of pop … I love this so much. The person who does drive up is going to have fun bringing this out. Yay.”

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She pans the camera over shelves of her Target location’s storage area with multiple 12-packs of different kinds of soda stacked together .

Commenters were also able to ascertain how much “fun” it was going to be.

“Imagine printing all those labels,” one observed. “I usually just print 1 and stack em so I don’t have to print 20.”

“I just died a little!! Jesus!!” someone exclaimed. “That arm workout is going to be crazy.”

“Guaranteed that they won’t use the ‘I’m on my way’ warning lol,” one person predicted about the customer who placed the order.

“We had an order yesterday for $900 and it had 8 bags for just the frozen foods,” complained another.

Someone else appearing to work at Target assessed, “I work driveups and it’s been a horrible week for soda.”

Another opined, “Deals are too good.”

One person, appearing to agree with the point about Target’s deals for soda being too good to resist, said, “I ordered 6. Sorry not sorry. I’ll totally go in and get it but I didn’t have time to go before the deal was over.”

“Is this all one order?” marveled another, with the creator confirming indeed it was.

Someone also had a suggestion that wasn’t all that customer-friendly, but would have saved the workers some effort.

“I would cancel that sh*t asap. They can come in themselves and get a cart and unload it themselves.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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