Worker snags job at Target. She says it's harder than getting into Harvard; Target Logo Store Front

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‘They be looking into everyone’s soul just to organize a shelf’: Worker snags job at Target. She says it’s harder than getting into Harvard

‘I got hired for on demand, after trying forever.’


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A worker went viral when she posted a short clip celebrating her new job at Target.

TikToker Jocy (@jocy.rodriguez.xo) filmed herself while working her shift. Viewed more than 42,000 times and garnering over 5,000 likes as of publication, the video sparked a debate about Target’s hiring practices.

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Jocy’s five-second clip shows her working at a counter what appears to be in the back of Target.

A text overlay reads: “Me cause I work at Target now & getting into Target is like getting into Harvard.”

Then she turns around, raises her hand and dances a bit in celebration.

Other Target applicants flooded her comments to discuss their own experiences with the hiring process.

“You’re not wrong , it took me many stores that I applied to, got in a brand new one, and it took forever just to be a [team leader],” one user said.

“I literally just got hired at Target. My orientation starts next week on Tuesday. I’m excited but a nervous. I got hired for overnight stocking shift,” a second person added.

“Target wanted me but I can’t do night shifts,” a third person shared.

“I got hired for on demand, after trying forever,” another commenter said.

Others lambasted Target’s standards, claiming that the company does not offer stable employment.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jocy via TikTok comments and Target via email for further information.

“Paying $15 but where the hours at? THEY HIRED ME AS FULLTIME AND TOLD ME THE DAY BEFORE I LEFT THAT ONLY EXECUTIVES GET FULLTIME HUH. 20 hour weeks bro,” a Target worker stated.

Jocy agreed with the commenter: “Yeah that’s kinda the point?…I was looking for a part time. I work another job, I work full time from home.”

“I work there too and don’t understand what’s so special about it to where they’re so selective and picky,” a second person replied.

Though Target offers a higher pay than many retail jobs, they have also been accused of cutting hours, which resulted in many workers being unable to pay their bills or keep their health insurance. A survey of Target workers around the US revealed that only 12.7% could survive on their current wages without a second job.

Target also implemented a new system termed the “modernization plan” to increase efficiency in 2019. This plan was developed to counteract Amazon’s growing marketshare. Unfortunately, it resulted in a heavier workload for a smaller workforce. Employees are now expected to perform the roles of warehouse workers and customer service.

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