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‘I did not authorize that’: Target customer issues gift card warning after checking her credit card statement

‘This has happened to me multiple times!!!’


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Jill Smith (@jillsdeals) creates TikTok videos sharing freebies, deals, and discounts. In a recent video, she warns viewers to check their credit card statements after utilizing Target’s Circle Rewards, a program offering dedicated customers various deals and promotions.

Jill recounts a purchase she made at Target in May, totaling $85.90. As part of the Target Circle Rewards program, she was offered a promotion: Spend $100 on baby items and receive a $20 Target gift card.

She took advantage of the promotion but soon found herself confused by the transactions. Jill urges viewers to be diligent when using these promotions. “Listen up! Attention shoppers, I’m telling you this,” she pleads. She then pulls up her credit card statement.

“My items were $85, they took off the $20, so my credit card was charged $65. Then, there was a second charge of $20 to my credit card. I did not authorize that,” she explains.

Shopper says Target charged her for a gift card instead

She argues that instead of spending $100 and getting a $20 gift card, Target discounted her original $85 amount to $65 and then charged her $20 for the gift card.

“Here is my message: If you have purchased something from Target using one of the promos to get $20 back, check your credit card statement because I guarantee you are probably being charged for that gift card,” she shares.

The video has 136,500 views with hundreds of comments. Fellow Target shoppers shared similar experiences and frustrations. 

“I thought I was going crazy!! It happened to me a few times,” one viewer shared. 

“OOOFF.I just did this deal yesterday. Just checked my account and you’re right!!!! I was charged $20!” one commented.

“This happened to me. It’s their new process. Even the person on the phone was like idk why we do this. My bank declined it because it was a weird separate charge and my red card debit card was turned,” another explained. 

However, some folks chimed in arguing that there is nothing suspicious about the transaction. 

“It’s the same thing. you don’t actually save 20 on the order. you’re purchasing the 20 gc for future use. you didn’t get charged extra or anything. it’s the same amount,” a viewer explained. 

Another one added, “It still comes to the correct total. This happens with any of the promotion gift cards.” 


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“It always sounds confusing at first, but if they gave you $20 off of your order AND gave you a gift card for $20 for a future purchase you would be getting $40,” a viewer commented. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Jill Smith via TikTok and Target via email for comment.

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