Target falsely advertising clothes as ‘machine crocheted’

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‘They’re selling it there for $14′: Shopper accuses Target of falsely advertising ‘machine crocheted’ top

‘I don’t know if there’s a machine that crochets.’


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A Target shopper posted a TikTok after finding clothes advertised as “machine crocheted.” The shopper, who’s a crochet enthusiast herself, says she has never heard of a crochet machine.

The user, @latinacrochets, reached over 616,000 views on her video. She frequently uses her account to share crocheting tips with her 36,000 followers. 

In the video, she zeroes in on a a tag on a Target top that reads: “machine crocheted.” 

On the Target website, the item @latinacrochets is looking at is called “Girls’ Crochet Knit Granny Square Tank Top” and is also available to purchase with a matching skirt. 

Target states that the crochet set is made with “crochet-knit granny squares.”

“They have to clarify that it is machine crocheted,” @latinacrochets says. “I don’t know if there’s a machine that crochets.”

Next, she explains that a “machine crochet” is the reason why people that make clothes by hand don’t get paid for their worth. “Because according to this, a machine made it, and they’re selling it there for $14,” she adds. 

@latinacrochets records the matching crocheted skirt and explains, “this will take me weeks to finish.” As seen on the price tag, the item is sold for $15. 

Then @latinacrochets leaves the store and finished the rest of her video from her car.  

“So I don’t know about you, but I have not seen any machine that can crochet,” she says.

“There’s no machine that makes granny squares,” she adds. “I don’t know, very suspicious.”

The only item @latinacrochets says she thinks would work to crochet the Target outfit is “that one circle thing that you crank it with your hand.” She says, “you can make beanies.” 

Before ending her video, @latinacrochets asks viewers to leave their opinion in the comment section. She captioned her video, “Let me know what you guys think about this Machine Crocheted item.”

@latinacrochets Let me know what you guys think about this Machine Crocheted item #crochettok #latina #crochet ♬ original sound – LatinaCrochets

Viewers assume the tool @latinacrochets is referring to and was used to make the crochet granny square top is a knitting machine.

Crochet machines don’t exist

Learn How To Crochet states that the only way to crochet by using a machine, as Target claims, is to use a warp knitting machine. “However, this is still a knitting machine,” it clarifies. 

“It’s knit, made to look like crochet,” a viewer told @latinacrochets. “You are correct, there is no machine crochet. That circle machine makes knit as well.”

According to Easy Crochet, simply put, “Crochet cannot be done by machine. There is no such thing as a crochet machine.” 

It adds that, “This statement may seem odd, since there are knitting machines.” However, the site continues, “the intricacy of a crochet stitch is impossible to be copied by a machine.”

“Crochet machine is impossible (at least with current technology),” another viewer added in the comments section. “The one they say is crochet machine is actually a knitting machine.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @latinacrochets via TikTok direct message and Target via email. 

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