t's Target Circle Week. You'll need to go into the app and save sales

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‘They’re starting their deals before Walmart and Amazon’: It’s Target Circle Week. But you’ll need to go into the app and save sales

'You do have to do a little legwork.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 9, 2023

Target stans are probably well aware of the brand’s Circle Week, a summer sale that, for 2023, runs from July 9 until July 15. But couponer and TikTok user Rae (@raecoupons) delineated how Target’s sales operate a bit differently from other retailers that run similar sale periods, like Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime Day.

She touched on these differences in a viral TikTok that’s accrued more than 22,000 likes on the popular social media platform where she showcased some of the items customers can pick up for discounted prices, along with the steps folks need to talk to ensure that they’re getting them for bottom dollar while checking out.

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Rae says in the video: “Target Circle Week is different than any other sale happening this week and let me tell you why. But first I want to tell you how smart Target is. They’re starting their deals week before Walmart. Target starts today on July 9, Walmart starts tomorrow on July 10. And Amazon doesn’t even start until Tuesday.”

She went on to delineate what makes Target’s deals unique from other retailers: “So here’s what’s different about Target Circle Week most of Target’s sales, you just get the sale price but for Target Circle Week, you need to go into your Target app and actually save each sale.”

While this may seem like extra hoops that customers have to jump through in order to secure these promotional deals upon checkout, Rae seems to think that they’re ultimately worth it: “The deals are fantastic but you do have to do a little leg work.”

Rae then went on to highlight some of the deals that she thought would be most attractive to her viewers, transitioning to screenshots for a visual aid of what shoppers can hope to save money on: “I’m gonna show you the best deals right now. Check your accounts because most of us have a $5 reward. You make a purchase in the Target app and use Drive Up, this is a super easy way to score 5 extra bucks. Everyone’s favorite deal is back it’s when you spend $50 in home care purchase you get a $15 gift card. Now us couponers like to stack that with other coupon[s] to get the best deals.”

She then detailed how another beloved Target deal has been made a part of Circle week, but this one is for another category of products: “When you spend $40 in beauty and health purchases you get a $10 gift card. Again we will be stacking that with other coupons to get the best deal.”

For folks who are looking to purchase a new computer, she also delineated another price cut that may be of interest to shoppers: A deal on a 15.6-inch Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook that is equipped with a touchscreen. While Target sells this item for $469.99, there is a $350 coupon folks can append to the purchase, but they have to do so manually. So that, with $5 free drive-up Target cash, effectively can bring the price of the brand-new laptop down to $115. “This will go so fast. The Lenovo touchscreen is $469 but there’s a $350 coupon in the Target Circle App. So again, this isn’t on sale you actually have to go clip this coupon but if you need a computer you should score.”

She detailed another deal for a vacuum cleaner and other home appliances: “Same with the Dyson cordless. Everybody loves this vacuum it’s $429, but you can score $130 off just by going and clicking the coupon in the app. The Keurig K Cup, I’ve had a couple requests for this recently. It’s $89.99, but there’s a $30 off coupon right in the app, making it just $59.”

Target is purportedly offering clothing items at a significant discount as well: “30% off girls clothing. Again, this is a fire deal. I just had somebody asking about girls’ clothing yesterday but you have to go into the app to clip this coupon. Same with boys’ clothing, toddler boys, and regular boys, and all the boys. Kids and toddler sandals are 30% off in the app. Now you can buy these in store you just have to clip the coupon first.”

Food items are a part of the deal too, which could be great news for folks who are feeling the burn at checkout thanks to the food inflation causing grocery store and restaurant prices to spike across the country: “20% off organic produce, in fact there’s 20% off almost every food item that you’re going to want. So check it out in your store, because for once, Target is definitely an option for grocery shopping this week.”

Finance Buzz previously penned an article comparing key grocery store items, comparing Target’s offerings to Walmart’s and found that the former retailer was 5.4% more expensive than the Arkansas-based retailer. However, 20% off many of its offerings could indeed mean that shoppers could save a pretty penny when stacked against its competitors.

Judging from the comments penned by some viewers who responded to Rae’s video, it would appear that there are some discrepancies in the deals that they were encountering for Target Circle Week. One person wrote: “I don’t have the $5 back. I got a spend $90 get $10 back”

Another stated that they, too, weren’t receiving the $5 drive-up bonus, but that the deals they were being offered were contingent upon other purchases: “I have a spend $90 twice, get $20 back. I would honestly rather have the $5 for just using drive up once”

There was one TikTok user who said that the cost of the Lenovo laptop in their area pretty much negated the $350 coupon being offered for the device: “The Lenovo is $769 before $350 coupon in my area.”

Someone else remarked that they had wished they knew about Target’s Circle Week prior to shopping for their own kids’ clothes: “I literally just purchased $100 worth of kids clothes Friday wonder if i can return and then purchase again to get the discount”

Other TikTokers have highlighted some particular items that are on sale for Circle Week, showing off various food and household items that they can get deals on without the need for physical coupons either.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Rae and Target via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Jul 9, 2023, 10:43 pm CDT