taco bell employees cutting stump in drive-thru


‘They better be getting paid extra’: Taco Bell workers filmed sawing tree stump in parking lot

'I work at Panda and every once in awhile my manager tells me to go pull out weeds.'


Phil West


Posted on Jun 28, 2023

A clip of Taco Bell workers sawing a tree stump in the parking lot of one of the chain’s locations has sparked discussion about fast food workers performing duties outside of what would typically be considered their job functions.

TikToker Caleb Joseph (@caleb__joseph) posted the video to his seemingly just-launched page on Jun. 27. In one day on the platform, the video has attracted over 441,000 views.

In the clip, two Taco Bell workers can be seen sitting on an island in a parking lot while sawing a tree stump between them.

“They better be getting paid extra,” Joseph wrote in on-screen text, adding, “Taco Bell landscaping company” in the video’s caption.


Taco Bell landscaping company

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Commenters had some quips ready to assess the odd scene.

“Honestly better then drive through,” cracked one, leading Joseph to respond, “Amen.”

“This is way better than dealing with customers,” said another. “True,” Joseph responded.

But others theorized that the workers were doing this extracurricular work for the same wages they would otherwise earn.

“Crazy part is they are absolutely not being paid extra,” one viewer opined.

Another tried to explain it: “We’ve actually had to do that because of inspections and we’ll get points deducted from grass or plants too long.”

Yet another revealed, “They wanted us to paint the lobby at burger king one time.” That commenter then added, “Bro I haven’t painted since elementary school but sure I’ll paint your business lol.”

Someone else confessed, “Was powerwashing the sidewalks and drive thru back in my Taco Bell days.”

“Had to do sh*t like this when I worked at pizza hut,” another shared. “They even made us pick up cig butts and cut grass.”

Yet another worker from a different fast food chain weighed in. “I work at Panda and every once in awhile my manager tells me to go pull out weeds around the parking the lot.” But that person remarked, “Way better than being inside.”

The Daily Dot contacted Caleb Joseph via TikTok comment and Taco Bell via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jun 28, 2023, 6:50 pm CDT