Taco Bell drive thru window with caption '30 & Winslow, Taco Bell knew this was needed in this hood' (l) Taco Bell building with sign (c) Taco Bell drive thru window with caption '30 & Winslow, Taco Bell knew this was needed in this hood' (r)

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‘Taco Bell knew this was needed in the hood’: Drive-thru customer calls out bank-like security feature at fast food checkout

‘Not even banks need this kinda protection.’


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A TikToker posted a viral clip showing the bank-level security feature that her local Taco Bell uses to secure the safety of its workers.

User Wendee, who posts under the handle Oh It’s Her (@__ohitswendee), filmed the video while grabbing food at a Taco Bell drive-thru in Dallas, TX. Viewed over 323,000 times as of publication, the clip sparked a debate over rising crime.

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The TikTok shows a heavy steel drive-thru window akin to a bank teller’s window. The text overlay reads: “30th and Winslow. Taco Bell knew this was needed in this hood,” as the window rotates around to reveal her Taco Bell meal.

Some users shared their experiences with restaurants other than Taco Bell that have taken extreme security measures to protect their staff and products.

“Have not seen one of them in so long. My KFC joint used to have the exact same one,” a user said.

“They got these in many Chinese food places,” another added.

“I went to a Little Caesar’s like this before. A bulletproof glass and a little turnstile,” someone else shared.

Others marveled at the level of security at this Taco Bell, and what it meant for the surrounding area.

“Not even banks need this kinda protection,” one user said.

“I mean it’s cool but doesn’t that show issues in the community at large?” a second asked.

“We used to have these all over. Need them again!” another commented.

Unfortunately, the new security feature at this Taco Bell may be warranted with Dallas having seen a rash of fast-food robberies in the past few years. One resident was arrested after a spree in which he held up two Taco Cabanas, two Wendy’s, a McDonald’s, a Jack in the Box, and four Burger Kings, all in the span of a month.

Shootings near fast food restaurants are also a frequent occurrence. Two injured men were recently discovered outside a McDonald’s after a shooting on the Dallas North Tollway. With a 35% spike in the number of homicides in the last year, it seems Dallas-based companies have begun to take extreme precautions to ensure the safety of their workforce and customers.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Taco Bell about their new security measures via email and the creator via TikTok comments for further information.

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