Superstore chicken sticker (l) Superstore building with sign (c) Superstore chicken sticker with fingers pulling back to reveal sticker underneath with expiration date (r)

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‘Be aware of double stickers’: Superstore shopper says she bought ‘expired’ chicken after sticker blocked original best-by date

'They are NOT supposed to double label products like this.'


Marlin Ramos


Posted on Jul 7, 2023

In a viral video, TikTok user Kathryn (@kathrynmgr15) shows viewers packs of chicken they say they bought in a Superstore grocery shop. Kathryn shows the packaged chicken up close, giving special attention to the information on the labels.

The TikToker says she bought three packs of chicken from the Canadian grocery chain Superstore. When they got home, Kathryn says she noticed that one of the packs of chicken had two pricing stickers layered on top of each other. The top sticker doesn’t have an expiration or best-by date, she says. However, the bottom sticker does and according to the TikToker, it detailed how the chicken is best by July 3, which is two days before they had bought the chicken.

“So that’s lovely, just bought expired chicken,” Kathryn sarcastically notes.

For comparison, they show another pack that also has a double sticker, but both stickers had a best-by date of July 8, which is after the video’s posting date.

“Should be OK, I’m just throwing it in the freezer but be aware of double stickers. Question everything,” Kathryn concludes.

The video has over 59,700 views and more than 300 comments as of Friday.

@kathrynmgr15 always question the double stickers. #Woodstock #superstore #chicken #expiredfood ♬ original sound – Kathryn

Some viewers don’t think there is anything wrong with the chicken, despite it being past the best-by date.

“Best before is not expired, it just means ‘peak freshness’. Just on the news that a Federal committee is looking into removing them to curb waste,” noted one commenter.

“Hey Kat, I’m not sure if you’ve been told this yet or not, but, that’s best before not expiry, 2 TOTALLY different things!!” notes one commenter.

Kathryn responded to this comment, saying, “Right. it’s like it doesn’t sink in until 200 people say it. like I can change the video recording after it’s posted.”

Still, many feel that Kathryn’s skepticism about being sold chicken past the best-by date is valid.

“PLEASE COMPLAIN! I have video of super rip off store selling chicken with inflated packaging full price & discounted! I won’t buy chicken from there!” one commenter mentioned.

“I would take it back,” another commenter shared.

“I’ve seen expired products on shelf or rotten food already. Need to carefully look at everything,” recounted another user.

“Not something I’m going to play with in regards to chicken. other, non [salmonella] food items, I am easier with about the date,” said Kathryn in response to a comment about the chicken still being in good condition.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kathryn and Superstore via email for comment.

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*First Published: Jul 7, 2023, 10:46 am CDT