Subway customer complains about her order being wrong. The worker stitched her video

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‘I feel like she purposely ordered it wrong’: Subway customer complains about her order being wrong. The worker stitched her video

‘You literally watched me follow your directions.’


Tiffanie Drayton


One Subway worker is calling out a customer for pretending to receive the wrong order for clout.

In a viral TikTok “stitch” video that has amassed over 9.2 million views and over 864,000 likes, user That One Subway Employee (@gothichippie) said the regular patron, Noelle Cheney (@Noellelovessloths), ordered the wrong meal on purpose just to record her reaction to the disappointment for clout.

“Are you kidding me?” Cheney, who is a teacher and popular content creator, asked in the video when she opened her wrap, only to discover it was not what she ordered.

TikToker One Subway Employee instantly shot back with a response to the video.

“I made this,” the worker responded. “That’s what was on the receipt.”

She went on to explain that she thought the order was strange because it was not what the woman “usually orders.”

“I know that’s not what you usually order because you order a lot,” the worker responded. “We just make whatever is on the receipt.”

@gothichippie #stitch with @Noelle Cheney ♬ original sound – that one subway employee

The worker’s call-out prompted others to make videos about the customer. Many called out her behavior and likened it to acting like a “Karen.”

“The victim complex that some people have is truly astounding,” user Angel Princess said in her response clip. “This woman is acting as if this Subway employee purposefully made her sandwich wrong to ruin her day.”

Another TikToker, Danny, recapped the entire ordeal for his followers in a now-viral clip.

He explained that Cheney is a teacher with millions of followers who made the video to review the lunch she had that day. Her viewers initially took her side on the issue, but after the video went viral and the Subway employee responded, many accused her of making up the whole ordeal just for attention.

“So I really think she made this whole thing up so that Subway would sponsor her,” another user, Kimberley A, theorized in her response video.

In the comments section of the Subway worker’s response clip, many expressed feeling secondhand embarrassment for the teacher.

“‘Cause you order a lot’ I’d never show my face again,” one user wrote.

“Girl it ain’t your fault she ordered wrong online you don’t gotta do all that and call her abt it let her suffer,” user @iloveicespice666 said.

The Daily Dot contacted That One Subway Employee and Noelle Cheney via TikTok direct message and Subway by email. This story will be updated with any responses.

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