Customer shares the ‘best’ way to eat Subway sandwiches

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‘That’s how they use the make them’: Customer reveals the ‘best’ way to eat Subway sandwiches

‘Jimmy johns has been doing this.’


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A destroyed sandwich lover has found sub-eating redemption, which he says has come 25 years too late.

TikToker Himotheous (@himotheous) posted a viral clip where he states he discovered the best way to eat a sub: Hollowing out the roll to make more room for ingredients and keep them from spilling out.

“Been eating subs wrong for 25 years,” a text overlay in the video reads. The clip begins with Himotheous taking out a Subway sandwich from a paper bag.

He then narrates his sandwich bombshell, an epiphany that he’s been eating his sandwiches incorrectly for the entirety of his life.

“So I’ve come to the conclusion that I just haven’t been living correctly,” he says. “Did y’all know, I didn’t know this, for the last 25 years, I’ve been eating Subway and I was mad that the stuff kept falling out the sub, right?”

It’s an issue that other folks online have lamented to others in search of an answer—sandwich contents spilling out the side of their meal resulting in a less-than-ideal food experience. This is especially true of subs.

@himotheous Please tell me im not the only one who didnt know 😭 #fyp #subway #food #relatable ♬ original sound – Himotheous

However, the TikToker noticed a fellow customer had a unique solution to remedy this gripe, and it’s one he calls a game changer for sandwich lovers everywhere.

“I’m behind the lady in line, you know what this lady asked them to do? Take the middle out of the sub,” he says. “That was the most beautiful-looking sub that I had ever seen in my 28 years of existence.”

In a follow-up video, the TikToker tries to recreate the method by using bread he finds at home, helping viewers with a visual aid. He scoops out the inside of each slice, showing how the hollowed out area allows more space for ingredients.

@himotheous Replying to @Fredapooh yall are right i should have showed it #fyp #subway #food #relatable ♬ original sound – Himotheous

Is there a proper way to cut a sub?

Other people in the comments section of Himotheous’ video shared their favorite sandwich stacking/eating methodologies.

One user wrote, “You should look up subway v cut. Thats the proper way to eat subway!”

The V-Cut is a Subway sandwich legend—a method of cutting the sandwich so beloved, that online petitions have been launched to bring this original bread-cutting method back. The benefits of this style of cutting are explained in the above-linked post: “Bring back the “V-cut”. “

For the uninitiated, there once was a time (a glorious time) when Subway would simply cut the top off of their bread and create a nice channel for your meat, veggies, etc to be placed. Once the top was returned to its rightful place, your toppings would continue to stay in your sub until you were finished, unlike today, where each bite contributes to a larger and larger mess on your paper wrap and less and less actual sub in your mouth,” the petition reads.

Redditor @distortedperspective uploaded a side-by-side photo showing the difference between Subway’s old-school “V-Cut” bread technique versus the current hinge. It appears that the tapered V allows guests to hold their sandwich directly in front of them for what appears to be a more equitable distribution of toppings, deli meats, and bread per bite.

Subway old style V cut
byu/distortedperspective innostalgia

One YouTuber, Milad Mirg, demonstrated just how this was done in a video of their own.

Mirg says in the clip that the V-Cut predates his birth and while he was assembling the sandwich in this fashion, he had a lot of questions, namely, how will this new construction hold up to being toasted? Will the contents be held in place after toasting and being placed inside the V-Cut meal? The YouTuber went on to say that all of the lore of the “V-Cut” went out the window after he put his sandwich together, stating that the ingredients/sauces began soaking into the top of the bread and it started becoming a “complete mess.”

And while some commenters in both Mirg and Himotheous’ videos had differing opinions as to whether Subway locations would even perform a V-Cut, it didn’t seem like there was anyone who said Subway workers wouldn’t dig out the insides of the roll in order to leave more room for toppings. So if you wanted to try the TikToker’s newfound, hashtag #blessed, hashtag #nevergoingback way to eat a sandwich, it appears that workers will oblige you.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Subway via email and Himotheous via TikTok comment.

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