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‘This was a regular issue’: Ex-Whole Foods worker shares why you should stay away from the hot food bar

'They did this sh*t all the time at the food bars.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Aug 1, 2023

In a viral video, a former Whole Foods worker warns viewers from purchasing from the grocery chain‘s hot food bar, given how often they claimed to see people eat directly from the bar.

The video starts off with a stitched video from user @AbsoluteGenius that shows a customer taking the ladle from a soup at the hot bar and drinking directly from it.

Creator @taydawg2022 then comes into the frame and alludes to formerly working at Whole Foods. They say customers being unsanitary at the hot food bar was a “regular issue.”

The TikToker shares that they worked in a location in Beverly Hills, and while shoppers were from an array of cultures, there were people of specific ages that would often come in. Though @taydawg2022 does not specify these ages, they add that the customer demographic was primarily the “super wealthy” and “most powerful” people.

“They did this sh*t all the time at the food bars,” @taydawg2022 says. “The comfortability of these people was insane.”

@taydawg2022 #stitch with @AbsoluteGenius food safety 101 😂 yes whole cups of soup as samples #food #foodreview #keithleeeffect #foodie ♬ original sound – TayDawg2022

@taydawg2022 added that these shoppers would take food, like multiple donuts and cookies, without asking and claiming they were for them to sample. They also saw people grabbing food with their bare hands and eating it in the store.

“And then use the ladle to give themselves a nice gulp of cheddar broccoli soup,” @taydawg2022 says, alluding to the events captured in @absolutegenius’ video.

The former Whole Foods worker ended by advising viewers to get their food prepared in front of them or to grab it prepackaged.

The video has gained over 230,000 views and more than 600 comments since it was first shared yesterday.

“Food safety 101 yes whole cups of soup as samples,” the caption read.

Several commenters shared their experiences seeing unsanitary practices from customers at grocery stores.

“A fellow bowl foods survivor in GA, and omg SAME THING. The amount of time old ppl took bites and walked away,” the most popular comment read.

“I’ve seen people eat a container of food while shopping at Whole Foods and just place the container in the aisle when their done,” another person said.

“I’ve seen this at whole Foods too. One lady had her dog in the cart & it was eating from the hot bar,” a further user shared.

“Don’t get me started on the dogs,” @taydawg2022 replied.

Others said they had no idea people displayed such behavior in public.

“Noooooo, I was so blissfully unaware hoping that people had COMMON DECENCY,” a viewer said.

“I’m UPSET cause I genuinely never considered ppl would do that and I shop at bowl foods,” a frustrated commenter wrote.

The Daily Dot previously reported on customers who shared their hack for getting a better price on the grocery chain’s hot bar food.

The Daily Dot reached out to @taydawg2022 via TikTok comment and to Whole Foods via email.

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*First Published: Aug 1, 2023, 8:38 am CDT