Starbucks worker exposes recipes before he quits amid boycott

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Starbucks worker encourages boycott, exposes drink recipes before he quits

‘I pray you don’t sued by them or anything.’


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Wyenu (@thiccestfairy), a soon-to-be-former Starbucks barista, has stirred up a significant buzz on TikTok with his video titled “#boycott#boycottstarbucks#barista#freepalestine#freepalestine.” It appears to be a form of protest against Starbucks, which is being boycotted for its alleged association with the Israel Defense Force and for the lawsuits between the company and Starbucks Workers Union.

Garnering 355,000 views as of Sunday, Wyenu’s demonstrative video is more than just a farewell to the company; it’s a guide for those looking to participate in the Starbucks boycott while still enjoying their favorite drinks. Wyen’s page, with over 47,000 followers, has become a hub for DIY Starbucks enthusiasts.

In his video, Wyen walks viewers through the process of making popular Starbucks beverages at home. “Welcome back to my series where I show you how to make all the different Starbucks drinks as somebody who’s about to leave the company so you can participate in your boycott and still be able to drink all the drinks in the world,” he begins.

He then shows how to make the Honey Citrus Mint drink, also known as the “Medicine Ball.” Wyen explains, “So start off, you add four pumps of this honey blend. Or you could just use regular honey.”  He then goes on to demo several other of Starbuck’s fan favorites.

However, Wyen’s tutorial sparked a flurry of requests for other popular drinks, indicating the high demand for homemade versions of Starbucks’ menu items. “HOW DO YOU MAKE THE STRAWBERRY AÇAÍ,” one user eagerly asked, while another inquired, “How do you make the vanilla sweet cream cold foam??” and a third requested, “How do you make the pumpkin spice chai latte.”  The list of requests went on and on.

The context of Wyen’s video is rooted in the ongoing conflict between Starbucks corporate and their union, particularly regarding their stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict in the Middle East. His video serves as a practical guide for those planning to boycott Starbucks but still wishing to enjoy their favorite beverages. This situation places Starbucks among other companies like Bud Light, Ben and Jerry’s, and My Pillow, which have faced boycotts due to political reasons.

While the coffee chain has consistently denied funding the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) back in 2014, it reiterated yet again in the wake of the protests that Starbucks in no way shape, or form funds the Israeli military.

Nevertheless, throngs of people have called for a boycott of Starbucks. However, it hasn’t seemed to have made a dent in the business’s bottom line. Starbucks’ stock went up 13% in a single week despite the call for bans against the corporation. Anecdotal reports from Starbucks employees in response to a post uploaded to the r/Starbucks sub also seems to support that the boycotts aren’t really slowing the roll of patrons visiting the coffee chain. However, baristas on TikToks are saying the opposite, with one former staff sharing how it is indeed affecting the chain.

Wyenu’s initiative on TikTok highlights the platform’s role in not just entertainment but also in activism and practical life hacks. As the boycott continues, Wyen’s TikTok page may well become a go-to resource for coffee lovers looking to replicate their Starbucks favorites at home.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Starbucks via email and Wyenu for comment.

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