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‘SAMEEE I don’t use it bc I heard ppl get theirs taken away’: Starbucks customer says his gold card still works

'Since 2014, I've been a gold card member.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 20, 2023

Back in 2008, Starbucks announced the gold card: a card that reportedly gave customers exclusive offers and discounts, like 10% off most purchases. While Starbucks did away with the membership in 2019, opening up opportunities to earn rewards and perks to all customers, there are still a number of customers who have their physical card on hand.

Jeremy (@notjtpell) is one of those customers. He showed off the card in one of his most recent TikTok videos, referring to it as his “prized possession.”

“You know what one of prized possessions is? My Starbucks Gold Card. They don’t do this anymore. Since 2014, I’ve been a gold card member. My 15-16-year-old a** had to work hard to get that card,” he said, revealing he’s been a gold member since 2014. “And it still works. Ninety percent of the time I’ll use the app, but on occasion, I’ll break this bad boy out just because you can’t get it anymore.”

Jeremy clarified in a comment that while “back in they day you got different offers and rewards and free drinks,” “there’s no difference” now, implying the gold card can be reloadable and used to purchase goods but doesn’t offer all the perks of being a gold member.

Jeremy told the Daily Dot that he still carries his gold card around out “for the nostalgia.” “Most ordering is in-app now so using the physical card is a refreshing memory of the past,” Jeremy said via TikTok direct message.

He told the Daily Dot that, at the time, he has to spend “$300 in one calendar year to earn the gold card.”

According to DiscontinuedNews, once customers signed up for the rewards program, they could work their way up to gold status by getting a certain number of points.

Jeremy told the Daily Dot he has no plans of getting rid of his card since it reminds him of the Starbucks culture from when he was a kid.


Starbucks bring back the gold card 😫

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A Reddit post seems to back up Jeremy’s claim that customers the gold card can still be reloadable. One apparent Starbucks worker said they “have a ton of customers who still use theirs.” Another customer claimed they received a replacement card through Starbucks customer support after losing theirs in a fire.

Like Jeremy, redditors also said they miss the gold card era of Starbucks. “Just thinking about my starbucks in 2012 gives me such cozy vibes,” one redditor said.

The cards were such a point of pride for customers that they would unbox them on YouTube in videos like this:

Over on TikTok, viewers who watched Jeremy’s video shared how long they’ve been gold card members.

“I just found mine the other day! It says that I’ve been a member since 2008,” a second stated.

TikTokers echoed the claim that Starbucks offers replacements. “I still have it too and if you lose it you can order a replacement and they will print the original gold year on it,” one customer, who claims they became a member in 2012, wrote.

“Btw if u have gold status alr and you lost ur card if you call and be nice abt it they’ll mail you one,” another said.

Viewers also implied the app can showcase gold card member status. “I still have mine! Gold member since 2013. Always use the app but even my app card is gold,” one said.

Jeremy’s video racked up 433,000 views as of Sept. 20.

The Daily Dot reached out to Starbucks via press email regarding the video.

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*First Published: Sep 20, 2023, 3:00 pm CDT