Customer blasts Starbucks worker feeding a pup cup to a customer's dog in the drive-thru

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‘Can you feed the dog in your car, lady?’: Customer rants about Starbucks drive-thru worker feeding pup cup to customer’s dog

'I worked in a Starbucks drive thru, trust me we need this.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Apr 2, 2023

For dog owners, one of the delights of getting Starbucks in the morning is bringing your pooch a ‘pup cup’ or ‘Puppuccino.’

The ‘puppuccino’ is a small cup filled with whipped cream. As baristas at Starbucks usually have whipped cream ready to go for orders, most baristas will be happy to make this secret menu item.

Who might not be happy, however, are the customers waiting while your dog is being served their pup cup. Such was the case for Jason Brown, a football coach and featuree on Netflix’s Last Chance U, who recently shared a video showing his frustration at a dog being served a pup cup while he waited in the drive-thru.

“Can we feed the dog somewhere fucking else, man?” he asks in the video, which shows a drive-thru worker feeding a dog through the service window. “Can I get my fucking shit? God damn! Can you feed the dog in your car, lady? Fucking Starbucks!”

The video currently has over 474,000 views as of Sunday morning.

@therealcoachjb Starbucks are you kidding me? #coachjb #starbucks #coffee #pupcup #fyp ♬ original sound – Coach Jason Brown

As the video progresses, Brown says he has no problems with pup cups, just the fact that one is being fed to a dog in line.

“My dog gets a pup cup, but he eats it in the fucking car, not in the drive-thru window hold[ing] every-fucking-body up,” he says.

In the comments section, however, many disagreed with Brown’s conclusion — and chastised him for his perceived impatience.

“Grown man crying impatiently for his coffee,” said one user. “He’s going to continue going to Starbucks tho.”

“That staff needed a break, so they took it, while the dog got a treat. Good for them,” shared another.

“Omg enjoy the cuteness, you could use a little joy in your life,” a third added.

“I worked in a starbucks drive thru trust me we need this,” claimed an additional TikToker. “We get yelled at all the times by customers coz they start acting like a child when they don’t get [their] coffee…let us have a moment of happiness before you get bitchy at [us] as we’re still humans too.”

That said, some were on Brown’s side.

“This made me laugh out loud,” a commenter wrote. “It’s amazing how many people inconvenience others and don’t even realize it/care.”

“I’m with bro. And the line is already 3 miles long. EAT IT IN THE CAR,” stated a second.

For his part, Brown seems to have a sense of humor about the situation. When one commenter wrote, “I can tell you needed that coffee sir lol leave the dog alone,” Brown simply responded with a laughing emoji.

We’ve reached out to Brown via email.

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*First Published: Apr 2, 2023, 9:35 am CDT