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‘It is so much money’: Woman shares side hustle she does that pays her $12K to be on vacation for 2 weeks

‘You have no idea how much they are willing to pay.’


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This 20-something is making thousands of dollars while traveling the world, and she only has to do this one simple thing to make money.

You don’t have to have a big following or really any audience to be a pseudo-travel influencer, Alexandra Hallman (@hopeidontknowyou), also known as the sleepy millionaire, says in a recent viral video with more than a quarter million views.

“I’m 25 years old, and I’m making $12,000 being in Aruba right now,” Hallman says. “Like, I can’t make this shit up. I can literally cannot make this shit up.”

She shares that she gets paid for the photos she’s likely already taking during her vacation, like her hand holding a beer on the beach or the stunning view from her hotel room.

“Charge $120 per photo!! i bet you have thousands of pictures of your food and drinks sitting in your camera roll,” Hallman suggested.

She added that you don’t even need to be in the photos if you’re not comfortable with that.

“Every single company needs photos, and you have no idea how much they are willing to pay,” Hallman says.

She has a breakdown with a pricing guide, licensing rights, copyrights, and email templates for others to get started doing the same thing.

The catch is, if you want access to Hallman’s full breadth of knowledge, you’re gonna have to pay for it. She has two e-books teaching you how to make a side income. One is specific to getting paid to travel by selling hotels, airlines, and companies your photos. The other is all about earning passive income. Each cost $10.

Now, people have mixed feelings about influencers selling digital products—like courses, workbooks, and e-books—to replicate their own success.

Some people feel like it’s a bit of a scam and is just another way for influencers to make money from their audience.

Others reason that if a person is putting in the time and expertise to put together info all in one place, they should get paid for it—especially given that influencers already give away a lot of information for free. Hallman herself has a playlist with 45 posts about how to get paid to travel.

“Everyone’s overthinking this. It’s like, send it to as many companies as you want. There is no limit. And, like, whatever money you’re making, it’s not gonna change what I’m doing, because, like, there’s a billion companies in the world,” Hallman says—effectively saying that there’s enough money to go around.

@hopeidontknowyou charge $120 per photo!! i bet you have thousands of pictures of your food and drinks sitting in your camera roll. you do not need to be in the photos!! #thesleepymillionaire #traveltiktok #travellife #traveljob #ugc #travelugc ♬ original sound – the sleepy millionaire

People in the comment section had mixed reactions:

“My brain isn’t computing like I don’t understand,” a top comment, with more than 130 likes reads.

“Just ordered!! Going to Europe this whole summer and got great photography skills I’m looking to use!!” a person said.

“I have so many photos that I’ve taken while in Athens and Naxos. I need to buy your book,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out Hallman for comment via email.

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