Shopper reveals SHEIN now has shops for Zara, House of CB, and more

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‘Are they the same quality tho?’: Shopper reveals SHEIN now has shops for Zara, Free People, and more. Here’s how to find the dupes

‘U guys pay for the name only, they’re the sameeeee.’


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Fast fashion online retailer SHEIN may now be the place to find other popular labels at lower prices, according to a viral video posted to TikTok.

“They have shops now that are Zara, LoveShackFancy, House of CB, Missguided—actual, literal Missguided—and I’m going to show you how to get it,” fashion content creator Emily (@emilyrodriguee) assured 1.1 million viewers. 

Emily searched the names of several SHEIN shops, pointing out how the clothes displayed on each page resembled those sold by other fast fashion labels. In the June 15 video, she compared ENCHNT’s catalog to items sold by LoveShackFancy, PARTHEA’s to those sold by House of CB, and Maija’s to those sold by Zara, even commenting on how the models shown on the SHEIN page looked familiar. 

“Missguided? All you have to search is Missguided and it’s literal Missguided,” Emily revealed next, demonstrating for viewers. Searching “Free People” yielded a similar result, though the inventory was mostly shoes, she said.

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Is SHEIN selling the real deal?

This isn’t the first time shoppers have taken to TikTok to speculate about the origins of clothes sold by the online retail outlet. Another viral video recently suggested that SHEIN not only sells dupes of items from other fast fashion brands, it also sells the items themselves.

This theory was echoed by several viewers.

“I literally spent 40 bucks on a top from Zara then saw it on SHEIN 3 weeks later. The same one!” one shopper claimed. 

“I just recently bought a Shein dupe for [the] Pietra dress from House of CB,” another shared.

Other viewers were more wary, stating that the quality of the items was often poor and not worth buying in spite of the lower prices.

“Don’t waste your time,” @serenamatthews96 warned. “The ‘House of CB’ dresses on the app have a zipper. The real ones have a corset you can actually adjust and don’t have weird proportions and lengths and materials.” 

Speculation over why SHEIN appears to sell these items also revived criticisms of the outlet, including high levels of carbon dioxide emissions and alleged human and labor rights violations. 

“It’s because all of those places also participate in the unethical behavior of fast fashion,” one viewer opined. “Zara is no better than SHEIN.” 

“U guys pay for the name only, they’re the sameeeee,” another pointed out. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Emily via email. 

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