Mom says dance studio charged her $100 for daughter’s costume. Then she found out it came from Shein

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‘I am being scammed’: Mom says dance studio charged her $100 for daughter’s costume. Then she found out it came from Shein

‘Can you please explain this to me?’


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This dance mom has sparked controversy after sharing the extreme markup on her daughter’s dance recital costume. Viewers are split.

After months of practicing for a dance recital, getting your costume adds a renewed sense of excitement to the event. Costumes are a crucial part of the show, making the presentation look uniform and professional, adding to the storyline, and giving performers a confidence boost.

But what happens when you feel like your kid’s dance studio is overcharging you?

In a viral video with more than 4.2 million views, dance mom Megan (@alwaysembarassed) posed a question to the dance community.

“I need the dance teachers of TikTok to tell me if I am crazy or if my daughter’s dance studio is crazy,” Megan says.

She explains that her daughter has a recital coming up and just got her costumes, one of which cost $100. Given the price, Megan was shocked when she looked at the new outfit only to realize it was from fast-fashion giant Shein, which has consistently come under fire for bad labor practices, ripping off small designers, and harming the environment.

Megan did a little digging and found out that one of the costumes actually cost the studio about $10, yet they charged her 10 times the cost.

“I emailed them, and I was like, ‘Can you please explain this to me?’ Why am I paying $100 for this, like, flimsy piece of trash that you paid $9 on Shein for?” Megan asks.

They said there were costs associated with measuring the girls, steaming the outfits, picking a costume that matched the vibe of the song, and getting hangers and garment bags (though these garment bags are “literally clear trash bags”).

“I feel like I am being scammed. But please tell me if that perception is wrong and if this is an accurate representation of what’s going on or common practice,” Megan says, adding that her daughter has been in dance since she was little and she’s never experienced this.

We’re happy to report that Megan has already posted a follow-up video.

“Not the tea some people might want, but I genuinely feel like I got my question answered!” Megan says in the new clip.

With a distinctly apologetic tone, Megan explains that she hadn’t gone this viral in a long time and forgot that when she says things online, there tend to be repercussions in her real life.

“I genuinely should have been more measured in my words. I was a little bit fiery, and I should not have been so fiery because honestly, genuinely, we really do like our dance studio,” Megan says, adding that her daughter has been going there for years.

While she is still a bit surprised by the markup, given that she already paid a separate recital fee and bought additional tickets, she said that the dance community—from longtime dance moms to dance teachers to studio owners—has “kindly educated” her.

“I do understand, like, the recital is a big undertaking and very expensive, and I do appreciate the people who have reached out and, like, in more detail, explained to me the true undertaking that is sourcing these costumes,” Megan says. “And how challenging it is to find costumes for every size body, every size child that are age appropriate and match the routine and all of that.”

She added that while viewers’ reactions were 50/50, with some also being shocked by the price and others saying it’s normal, she chose to believe the latter so that her daughter could keep doing an activity she loves.

And if you’re still wondering about it all, the consensus across several blogs and forums is that recital costumes usually run $50-$100, and studios do often add an upcharge from what they paid, but it’s usually only $20-$30.

@alwaysembarassed Seriously, am I wrong to be mad about this!? #danceteachersoftiktok #danceteacher #dancelife #balletdancer #ballerinasoftiktok ♬ original sound – Megan

With more than 13,000 comments, people had a lot to say about the situation.

“I miss the old school dance costumes when they would come from a catalog and not a sweat shop,” a top comment read.

“Tell the other moms. Get them to sign a letter requesting that costumes come from a reputable source or that you’re given the option to order directly from shein,” a person suggested.

“They’re charging the price that you would pay for the quality branded dance costumes you get from a catalog. they didn’t think you would notice,” another assumed.

“I own a dance studio and we order from Weissman and Revolution and the costumes are around $50 and we charge $70. That profit goes to cover the time spent ordering costumes,” a commenter added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Megan via TikTok direct message.

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