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‘It looks nicer than the real one’: Shein customer orders $12 Apple Watch band. She can’t believe the freebie she gets with it.

‘I feel like I should just burn it or go smash it with a hammer.’


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One Shein customer was shocked to receive an Apple Watch replica after she thought she only purchased a new band.

In a viral video that has racked up over 1.1 million views and over 81,500 likes, TikToker Morgan (@morgan_s04) reviewed the product and offered her thoughts on purchasing the knockoff by mistake.

The clip began with a stitched video of a previous unboxing video.

“From Shein, don’t judge,” the woman said while holding up the watch. “And it came with a frickin’ fake Apple watch.”

Then, it cut to her review. She provided a side-by-side comparison of the two products and was completely dumbfounded by how similar they appeared.

“Like, what is this?” she asked. “And get this, y’all, it was $12 on Shein.”

The woman said she just wanted the pink band but ended up with two replica watches in addition.

She felt a bit hesitant about the product

“These are probably tracking me,” she said.

Morgan then scrolled through the replica’s offerings and compared its functions to her real Apple Watch.

“That looks like the Apple calculator,” she said, referencing one of the replica’s apps. “Does it work?”

Though she claimed the watch was “glitching out,” she ultimately decided that others would certainly be unable to tell it apart from her real one.

Nonetheless, she still felt distrustful about the replica products.

“I’m so confused. I’m so scared,” she said. “I feel like I should just burn it or go smash it with a hammer.”

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In the comments section, some couldn’t believe that the watches were not real.

“I just looked at the Shein Apple Watch videos ion know girl … somebody probably dropped their real watch bc the videos don’t look like those,” one viewer wrote.

However, one viewer claimed that they purchased a replica that, in fact, functioned like its brand-name counterpart.

“I have one like it off Amazon and it works just like Apple watch including talking and texting from the watch,” user Unbreakable859 commented.

“Honestly this shows how LITTLE amount of money it takes to produce the Apple Watch … the markup they’re using is insane,” another viewer added.

Years ago, the Daily Dot reviewed a knockoff Apple Watch and found that the product was not as good as the original. Still, much could have changed since that time, with many replicas becoming more sophisticated.

The Daily Dot reached out to Morgan, Shein, and Apple via email for more information.

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