Student volunteers to share a poem in class—but it’s actually the Shakira song from ‘Zootopia’

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‘I have no shame’: Student volunteers to share a poem in class—but it’s actually the Shakira song from ‘Zootopia’

‘His life is just Zootopia at this point.’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Sep 29, 2023

A student shared a viral video of him reading a poem in class, but it was actually the lyrics to “Try Everything,” the Shakira song from the movie Zootopia.

Nik, whose TikTok username (@judyhoppsl0vr69) references Zootopia’s main protagonist, Judy Hopps, frequently posts humorous videos about his love for the Zootopia movie. He was previously featured in the Daily Dot for his viral video about catfishing people on a far-right dating app using a fake profile under Judy Hopps’ name.

Nik posted his poetry prank video on Tuesday. As of Friday afternoon, it has reached over 8.4 million views, 2.1 million likes, and over 11,000 comments.

@judyhoppsl0vr69 I have no shame #fyp #viral #zootopia #shakira #judyhopps ♬ original sound – Nik

In an on-screen caption, Nik writes, “Reading my poem to my poetry class but it’s just the lyrics to Try Everything from Zootopia.” He adds in another caption that he has “no shame.” 

As his teacher asks, “Does anyone else have a poem?” Nik raises his hand, saying he has something to share. 

He says he’s still “workshopping” his poem, then clears his throat before reading the first verse of the Zootopia song. Then, reaching the chorus, he recites: “I won’t give up, no, I won’t give in until I reach the end, and then I’ll start again.” 

He continues, “No, I won’t leave. I wanna try everything. I wanna try even though I can fail.” 

Many viewers in the comments section agree that Nik’s next line is the most iconic. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, try everything. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, try everything,” he says, closing his book. 

“That’s great, Nik,” his teacher responds. “I really loved your use of repetition with the Oh’s. It really showed your determination.”

Viewers joke along with Nik in the comments section. “This reminds me of that one Zootopia song,” a comment with over 108,000 likes says. 

“NO WAY NOBODY NOTICED, HELP,” another comment with 124,000 likes says. 

One viewer pointed at the fact that his teacher said she loved his use of repetition. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (shows determination),” the comment says. 

Another comment asks how Nik managed not to laugh during his performance. “I’m a seasoned professional,” he responds. 

The Daily Dot contacted Nik via TikTok direct message for more information.

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*First Published: Sep 29, 2023, 4:44 pm CDT