Customer catches server adding $20 to tip after offering free drinks

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‘This is a classic trick’: Customer catches server adding $20 to tip after offering free drinks

'I’m sorry but who straight up asks for a bigger tip??'


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Posted on Feb 16, 2024   Updated on Feb 16, 2024, 3:54 pm CST

A server who comped drinks to get bigger tips was outed by an irate customer who discovered she helped herself to an increased tip without authorization.

Sunny (@sunnyjunnyy) posted a viral clip blasting the server for her actions and it has accrued over 845,000 views as of Friday.

In the clip, she breaks down the recurring scam she says the server continually proposes to customers, and that she was shocked to see she decided to add an extra $10 to a $15 tip she left her during a recent visit.

“I got scammed by a waitress this past weekend so let me tell you what happened,” she begins. “It was at an all-you-can-eat seafood boil buffet.”

She explains how this was her third time at the restaurant, and during the first two times, the server did a “speech” about comping drinks for the customers.

As part of this post-meal-monologue, Sunny tells viewers that the waitress informed the table that she has not charged any of them for their alcoholic drinks and that if they would care to, instead, give her that money as a tip.

The TikToker says that this practice is a common one: Bartenders will tell drinkers that a round of shots is “on them” or they’ll comp a beverage while knowing that they’ll probably get at least a portion of that money put towards their tips.

However, the issue with this particular server is that she was straight-up asking customers for the money as part of a transaction, Sunny says and she was not a fan.

“This girl is very aggressive, like she’s very entitled to the money as if it’s hers, and it already belongs in her pocket I just need to give it to her,” she says. “So I kind of felt pressured to do it because I didn’t ask you to not charge me for the beverages but whatever. So me and my girlfriend go this past weekend and I could not believe that we got the same exact server I swear to God I started chuckling to myself with this.”

She says the server once again did the same “speech” while Sunny was there with her girlfriend during her third visit.

“And this girl just doesn’t do it to anybody she only does it to people that are young like close to her age she does not do this to adults,” Sunny says. “While me and my friend are dining in, this girl, the waitress, is, very rude, she has an attitude, it’s not like she’s being friendly in any way, you know what I’m saying it’s not like she’s you know, giving us exceptional service, like she was kind of being a b*tch.”

Sunny and her friend that she was dining with weren’t exactly happy with the “energy” of the server and the way she was presenting herself (not to mention her speech) and even discussed it with each other after they were handed their bill.

The TikToker adds that she even contemplated telling the owner of the establishment, who she described as a “nice foreign man.” She says she felt bad for him because he was just trying to run a nice restaurant, while this employee was “poisoning it” and likely scamming “thousands” of dollars for herself with her boozy con.

Then things took a turn.

“We split the bill for the food we both gave her a 15-dollar tip,” she says, which was on a total bill of $60. “I repeat myself, fifteen dollars, one five, $15. So tell me why the credit card company notifies me and asked me, ‘Hey did you pay a $60 bill with a $25 tip this past weekend?'”

Sunny got upset and says that the server probably thought she was going to help herself to a “nice, hefty tip.”

“She wanted like a $20, $30…$60 tip for not charging us alcoholic beverages that we didn’t even ask her to comp,” she says. “So you’re gonna help yourself to an extra $10 from both of us so you got $50 in total? Yeah, I don’t think so.”

She says she decided that the best course of action to take against the server was revenge. Sunny says she proceeded to air out the server and let the business know everything that she was up to.

The TikToker says she called the restaurant and let them know everything, including the added tip and the comped beverages she was giving to customers.

@sunnyjunnyy Has this ever happened to you? #fyp #fypシ #viral #200views #storytime ♬ original sound – Sunny

For Sunny, it wasn’t the fact that the person was looking to try and get tips for comping drinks, but that she helped herself to charge another person’s card.

“For all I care she could get fired,” Sunny says. “…At this point, girl, just go be a scammer. Go become a scammer on the streets because it seems like you’d be really good doing that.”

Viewers had varying opinions when it came to Sunny’s video. Some folks took issue with the fact that she kept on going back to the restaurant in the first place.

“I helped the waitress steal from the restaurant, but when she stole from me,” one person wrote, pointing out Sunny’s double standards.

Another penned, “3 times a waitress tells u she’s basically stealing from the restaurant & u say nothing to the manager???”

Someone else thought it was pretty strange that Sunny kept on going there, writing, “I get scammed by waitresses at a restaurant but I keep going to the restaurant.”

But then others thought that she could’ve conducted herself better following the speech.

“Should have asked her to add the alcohol back to the bill and she will tip accordingly to her service. Then saw the manager,” one wrote.

Others didn’t think that the con, which Sunny seemed to believe was very common, actually wasn’t common at all.

“I worked as a server for 12 years and NEVER heard someone ask for a larger tip for giving out free drinks,” one said. “That’s wild.”

Some were skeptical about the story, saying the credit card company’s decision to reach out just seemed suspect in general.

“What made the cc company ask you about a $25 tip on a $65 bill?” one replied.

Another thought that the math wasn’t checking out, either.

“You said you split a $60 dollar check. $30 each. But you also said your credit card company charged you $60 plus $25,” one pointed out. “That don’t add up.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sunny via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Feb 16, 2024, 9:00 pm CST