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‘It’s always the late tables that run you dry that tip the worst’: Server says she stayed an hour late for customers who tipped $8 on $90 bill

‘We need to be paying servers a LIVING WAGE.’


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A restaurant server went viral on TikTok after revealing that she stayed an hour later than she was scheduled. But she only received a 9% tip on the $90 bill. 

The video user Alexis (@infatuationfairy) uploaded has been viewed 18,800 times since it was first posted on May 14. It begins with her telling the camera that she’s often asked what serving is like.

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“To which I will tell them, ‘It’s staying until 11 p.m. when you were supposed to be out at 10 p.m., waiting on one table. And you’re extra nice, and it’s a $90 bill, and they tip you — wait for it — $8,” the server shared in the video.

“I love my life,” she added sarcastically before ending the video.

Users expressed support for Alexis, sharing their own experiences with poor tipping in the comments.

“Got zero dollars on a $146 today,” one user revealed.

“JAIL,” Alexis replied.

“It’s always the late tables that run you dry that tip the worst,” said another.

“These women once kept me an hour and 45 minutes after my shift time and literally tipped me five dollars,” said a frustrated server. “I was raging.” 

“Sat at my table for three and a half hours, was one of my first tables (when we were dead so they got great service),” yet another recounted. “Got $4 from one girl and stiffed by the other.” 

According to the Wage And Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor, employers of workers who receive tips are only required to pay those workers a minimum of $2.13 an hour, so long as they regularly receive more than $30 in tips per month. 

“We need to be paying servers a LIVING WAGE,” Alexis’ top comment read. 

“When they think the compliments are gonna help me pay my bills,” another user joked. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Alexis via TikTok comment.

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