Customer says Samsung fridge forces her to empty it every 2 weeks

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‘Don’t buy a Samsung fridge unless you wanna do this’: Customer says Samsung fridge forces her to empty it every 2 weeks. Here’s why

'I had a Samsung fridge. Same thing'


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Posted on Jan 7, 2024   Updated on Jan 7, 2024, 1:50 pm CST

A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after claiming that her Samsung fridge must be emptied every two weeks in order to defrost.

In a video with over 1.4 million views, TikTok user Jessica Greer (@mrsjessicagreer) shows her empty fridge.

“Don’t buy a Samsung fridge unless you want to do this all the freakin’ time,” she says in the video. She then shows someone using a hairdryer to defrost part of the fridge. “Every two weeks like clockwork, we get to empty our whole fridge.”

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While Greer chalks this up to an issue with the fridge itself, commenters offered their thoughts on what might be wrong with the fridge.

“the little drain tube is clogged,” suggested a commenter.

“Replace the defrost sensor. That tiny sensor on the right side of the coil with the yellow wires. And the heater too if possible,” added another.

“just fix the seals. they sell replacements,” stated a third.

However, other users claimed to have similar issues with Samsung fridges.

“We got rid of our Samsung fridge last weekend. Had it for seven years. Total garbage. Constantly ice under the crisper drawer,” wrote a user.

“I had a Samsung fridge. Same thing,” offered a second. “I’ve had numerous Samsung appliances. DO NOT BUT from Samsung unless it’s a TV or phone.”

In a follow-up video, Greer revealed that the fridge came with the house.

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This video also shows what some users say may be another potential issue with the fridge. In short, it is pushed back into a small space in the kitchen. This, users say, may not allow for proper ventilation, which can lead to issues.

“Basically choking it in that tight space. Not enough air flowing pass the condenser. Causing it to freeze. Will continue to happen,” explained a user.

“Samsung fridges that have that side vent required 3 inch gaps on the sides. Sold these for years,” detailed an additional commenter.


Last update 🤪 That video is still going & if you have a Samsung with no issues I’m happy for you 😂

♬ original sound – Jessica Greer

In her third video, Greer says that they’re taken some of the advice of commenters and are attempting to remedy the issue themselves, as Samsung will not fix it without a proof of purchase.

After all of this, she says in a comment that a few days later, it’s “so far so good.”

We’ve reached out to Samsung via email and Greer via TikTok DM.

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*First Published: Jan 7, 2024, 3:00 pm CST