Sam’s Club customer buys case of hamburger meat, can’t believe how much it costs

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‘That’s a savings of $72’: Sam’s Club customer buys case of hamburger meat, can’t believe how much it costs

‘The packaging alone to me is worth it lol.’


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In the past few years, food costs have certainly gone up in many areas for folks at the grocery store. Many shoppers have gotten crafty with their savings hacks and methods of stretching their dollar as far as they can.

While costs have recently begun to level out and even go down, customers are still looking for ways to get more bang for their buck.

One customer of bulk warehouse store Sam’s Club is recommending that those interested in getting a good deal on ground beef try purchasing it by the case.

In a TikTok posted by @jen___93, the creator shows herself unpacking the case of ground beef packaged by the pound, explaining her reasoning for purchasing it.

“I normally buy the 10-pound pack of ground beef from there, but this was 36 pounds,” she says in the video. “I’m pretty sure we’re set on ground beef for six months at least, probably more.”

She claims its cheaper to buy by the case.

“It was $4.68 a pound, which is 10 cents cheaper than it says on the package,” she shares. “It’s almost $7 a pound where I live. So that’s a savings of $72 buying it this way. I paid $187 for this box, and I think it was worth it.”

The poster said she would likely freeze and store the majority of the packaged beef. Ground beef can be stored in this way for up to three to four months, per the Food and Drug Administration.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @jen___93 via TikTok direct message regarding the video, as well as to Sam’s Club via email.

@jen___93 What do you think? Is this a good deal for where you live? #sams #samsclub #samsclubscanandgo #samsclubfinds #freezer #mealprep #cookinghacks #budget #mealprep #savingmoney #buyinbulk #groceryshopping #groceryhaul #budget ♬ Show Me the Good Stuff – Becca Lynn

Is Sam’s Club meat worth it?

Whether it is ground beef or more choice cuts, buying in bulk and freezing for later use can be one of the most effective ways to save money on food costs in this arena. Keeping an eye out for seasonal sales, looking at discount stores, and asking the local butcher for advice can also be beneficial to finding better quality and affordable cuts of meat. As shown in the video, many retailers are known to offer discounts on meat purchased by the case.

Viewers of the video posted by @jen___93 commented on the video that they found multiple reasons to be interested in purchasing the bulk ground beef for themselves.

“The packaging alone to me is worth it lol,” one commenter wrote.

“Good deal and packed perfect,” another said.

“Oh my,” a user said. “We normally do the 10lb chub. I’ll have to look into this one.”

Some viewers shared that they had tried the ground beef from Sam’s Club to be lacking in one way or another.

“I bought that ground meat before it didn’t cook like real ground meat,” one commenter wrote.

“I would not eat Walmart meat.. find a local farmer!” one user suggested.

“I hated the taste of this beef,” a third said. “But we are use to longhorn beef so that’s probably why.”

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