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‘It has robbed those girls of that one special night’: Viewers slam parents for pranking their teens on prom night

‘These girls deserve a do-over.’


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Nobody wants to show up in the same dress as someone else, but for four high schoolers, their worst nightmare came true after their parents purportedly colluded to have them all wear the same dress on their prom night.

The supposed prank was first reported by content creator DJ Lost One (@djlostone) in a video that has amassed 7.1 million views. He claimed that, in videos that went viral on Facebook, four girls’ parents worked together to make sure they all had a silver prom dress that is currently going viral on TikTok. Purportedly, when the prank was unveiled, the girls were upset and felt like their prom had been ruined.

With prom being such an integral part of young people’s lives, it’s no surprise that the very idea of this prank has sparked outrage on TikTok. In fact, one response by content creator Peter Petrella (@peterpetrella) went viral in and of itself, as it amassed 5.2 million views. The creator, who is best known for his life hack videos spanning from Olive Garden to lottery scratch-offs, emphasized the age of the purported victims of the prom dress prank.

“They are in such a fundamental developmental period in their lives,” he said. “And I have heard time and time again that a girl’s number one fear is showing up to a place and wearing the exact same thing as somebody else. They want to feel different. They want to feel beautiful in their own way, and comparison is the thief of joy. With every girl wearing the same dress, it doesn’t matter if they feel beautiful when they go in; they’re gonna start comparing themselves.”

He continued, “My issue with this prank is that it has robbed those girls of that one special night. These young girls, these girls are not adults. Adults who have gotten this experience already, who have enjoyed their prom, are robbing their children of it. That’s weird.”

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Did the prom prank actually happen?

While videos of creators like Peter and DJ Lost One talking about this purported prom prank are going viral, evidence of the prank itself is sparse across social media. This led to numerous commenters on DJ Lost One’s video speculating about the validity of the prank.

“Bro where are the videos?” one asked. “I’ve been looking for fifteen minutes.”

“Show us the prom,” a second viewer demanded, while a third joked, “This video is so viral, it doesnt even exist.”

The Daily Dot was unable to independently verify the existence of this prank video. It is also worth noting that the DJ Lost One account frequently posts “storytimes” of purported viral videos that aren’t always shown on the account.

DJ Lost One and Peter didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

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