Sallie Mae’s 40th anniversary tweets outrage indebted students

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Celebrating on Twitter while U.S. students owe more than $1 trillion may not have been the best idea.

For Americans looking toward a degree at a prestigious university, there are few options to pay your way through school unless you’re a) super rich or b) super smart.

Financial services company Sallie Mae is a key port of call for those looking to borrow money for school. The firm celebrated its 40th anniversary Monday with a series of tweets touting how much it’s grown in the last four decades.

Needless to say, many Twitter denizens were displeased at Sallie Mae patting itself on the back. 43 percent of Americans under the age of 25 had student debt in 2012, with an average burden of $20,326, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. All told, Americans owe more than $1 trillion—with a T—in student debt.

Many Twitter users claimed to be mired in debt, while others were just plain mad at the firm that enabled them to pay through the teeth to get a college degree and a shot at a comfortable lifestyle that might not have worked out.

At one point Monday, Sallie Mae was trending worldwide. Here are some of the tweets that ensured the company was in the spotlight on Twitter:

Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on the perhaps more salient issue.

It’s all about the system, man.

Word of advice to all those pissed at Sallie Mae and ridiculously high tuition: Move to a country where higher education is cheap and/or free. Like Canada, or Scotland.

Not everyone thinks the worst of Sallie Mae, however:

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