customer notices something weird about $8 watermelon

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‘That ain’t no watermelon’: Customer notices something weird about $8 watermelon from grocery store

‘I’m convinced the food in America is being swapped with prop food.’


Angela Littlefield


TikTok viewers were astonished when mother and grocery store consumer Kiva (@kiva_boddy) purchased a watermelon at a local Seattle grocery store that surprisingly felt and looked like rubber. 

Since the peak of inflation prices on groceries after the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have noticed a change in the quality of produce, meat, and poultry items. 

According to Pub Med National Library of Medicine, “In the last sixty years, there has been an alarming decline in food quality and a decrease in a wide variety of nutritionally essential minerals and nutraceutical compounds in imperative fruits, vegetables, and food crops. The potential causes behind the decline in the nutritional quality of foods have been identified worldwide as chaotic mineral nutrient application, the preference for less nutritious cultivars/crops, the use of high-yielding varieties, and agronomic issues associated with a shift from natural farming to chemical farming.”

Kiva’s TikTok video about the odd watermelon has grossed over 1.4 million views as of publication Sunday.

A strange-looking watermelon

“It looks so good but tastes so bad,” she wrote in the caption. “Have you had a bendable, rubbery watermelon?”

As Kiva is slicing a fresh watermelon, viewers notice how difficult it is for her to break apart the watermelon.

“I cut watermelon for my kids and they are all bringing it back…what makes a watermelon rubbery,” Kiva says.

Kiva bites into the rubbery watermelon, her face squirming in disgust as she quickly notices this is not a natural-tasting watermelon. 

@kiva_boddy It looks so good but tastes so bad 😭 Have you had a bendable, rubbery watermelon? #rubberwatermelon #watermelon #badwatermelon ♬ original sound – kiva

The unconventional-looking fruit, resembling a normal watermelon in appearance, has captured the attention of shoppers. Its presence has sparked a frenzy of videos and comments from TikTok users, many of whom express disbelief and amusement at the unusual find. 

“I’ve seen. Rubber avocado, watermelon, banana, blueberry…. Hm….,” commented one viewer.

“I only trust watermelon sold by a random person on the side of the road,” stated another viewer.

“Why is my fyp full of people finding SILICONE FRUIT??? HELLO???,” questioned one viewer. 

This isn’t the first time a TikToker has made an unusual discovery while trying to eat the groceries they bought at the store.

TikToker Dion (@dion.drange) had an encounter with Eggland’s Best organic cage-free eggs where each egg was stamped with red dye that fully bled into the egg yolk and shell. 

The Daily Dot reached out to @kiva_boddy via TikTok comment.

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