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‘Are people out here mopping 6+ times to get clean floors?’: Woman says she just found out the right way to mop floors

‘What am I doing wrong?’


Melody Heald


What’s the way to properly mop? If you turn to CleanTok for answers, you’ll likely find that mopping until the mop water runs clear is the right way. 

Memphis, Tennessee-based realtor @leighlambrealtor seems to have stumbled upon this discovery, telling viewers in one of her latest videos, which has since garnered 2.8 million views, “I just found out that you’re supposed to be mopping until the water runs clean.”

She says she decided to try this out as an “experiment.” “This is the third time through,” the TikToker says as she dumps a bucket of dirty water down the sink in the video. “And fourth time—still dirty. Disgusto, barfo.”

After she dumps bucket no. 5 of water down the sink, she gives up, saying, “And this is when I finally quit.”

“What am I doing wrong?” she questions at the end of the video before appealing to CleanTok in the caption. 

“#cleantok can you help me out?? Are peiple out here mopping 6+ times to get clean floors? Are we just really gross?” she asked. 

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CleanTok is a corner of TikTok where people, well, clean. There, they share cleaning hacks and must-have products. Here’s a 12-minute compilation of said TikToks: 

It’s likely that’s where @leighlambrealtor learned this trick as there are several CleanTok creators who have shared this is the way they mop

TikTokers aimed to tell @leighlambrealtor what she was doing wrong, but their responses had nothing to do with the mopping itself. Rather, viewers were seemingly incensed by how she disposed of her dirty mop water.

“Ok but why are we dumping dirty water in the sink and not the toilet?!” one questioned. 

This prompted viewers to comment in defense of the TikToker, saying things like “People in the comments are acting like they’re planning to come eat out of your sink and “Mop water goes where ever you decide in your own home.”

Few TikTokers aimed to answer her actual question. “I’m convinced it’s the mop head. That’s more than enough cleaning,” one assured her. 

@leighlambrealtor is now jokingly referring to her video as “MopGate” in several videos mocking commenters’ responses. 

Update 4:33pm CT, Oct. 11: Leigh told the Daily Dot she learned this technique from a friend and has since changed up her method by buying a steam mop.

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